Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Flowers

First, how is it May already!?  It's crazy scary how quickly time passes.  I'm almost halfway to 35, but let's just pretend that's not happening, okay? Ignorance is bliss, my friends.

It's no secret that April presented us with lots of rain.  Let's just hope that because of all the rain, May's flowers are more beautiful than ever.  Our azalea bushes are on the verge of full bloomage and I cannot wait. 

Right now, we have one solitary bloom.


Make that two solitary blooms. 

Creepy bunny is keeping a watchful (and pupil-less) eye on that one bloom.  Soon, however, the whole bush will be covered in hot pink petals.  Hopefully our watch bunny will loosen up a bit when the azaleas bloom; he looks a little tense (and scary!) right now. 

Every spring I say a prayer that I didn't do something egregious enough to kill the azalea bushes.

I feel a sense of responsibility towards them because they're not mine.  Our landlords probably planted them and would more than likely appreciate it if I didn't kill them.

In the near three years we've lived here,  those bushes have been squashed by bikes, nearly run over, dried out by the high summer sun and buried under piles of snow. 

And yet, despite our negligence and the brutal elements of the unforgiving weather, spring after spring, the buds reappear.

And bloom in vibrant color.

Happy May!

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Sarah said...

I love azaleas! My sister lives in Charleston, SC and has some of the largest azalea bushes lining the one side of her driveway. They do nothing to them and they bloom like crazy every year. I think azaleas are like that because everyone appreciates them so much when they bloom because it signifies the start of warm weather!