Thursday, May 26, 2011

White Girl Problems

One of my favorite hash tags/trending topics on Twitter is white girl problems.  For instance, "I want Starbucks, but they're all too far from my house,"  is a white girl problem.  So is, "I wish I was tan and at the beach"  and "Dunkin Donuts didn't put enough sugar in my vanilla iced coffee."  Or "I want a hot dog and I think my brain is bleeding; I really need to drink less caffeine."

I have white girl problems.

My brain may not be bleeding and I never want a hot dog, but I've spent the last three days mulling over the potential purchase of a tv stand for the tv in my bedroom.  You'd think it would be easy to pick one. 

You'd think.

Au contraire. 

The one I like, which happens to be the most affordable, has a finish that may be too dark to fit with our current bedroom furniture.  I'm not huge on matchy-matchy, but it all has to work.  And  I fear this one won't.

So, I found another one.  But it's pricier.  And then I think, maybe I'll go completely off course and find a black finish tv stand.  But then I'd need to get rid of this table I have (in a darkish wood finish) because it would be out of place next to a black tv stand and the rest of my furniture.  And then I'd need to replace the table with something in a black finish because then the room would be off balanced.

Oh. My. Life.

Of course Craig doesn't care about the price or the aesthetics; he says just buy one.    Most people enjoy having free reign and a (within reason) unlimited budget and yet, I'm acting like I'm participating in nuclear arms negotiations. 

Finding a tv stand should not be this hard.

And I'm not going to even discuss my newest obsession with finding a better kitchen trash can.

Have I mentioned I have white girl problems?


Another white girl said...

"White girl problems" -- sooo funny!
I have one word for you: IKEA. The answer to all white girl problems, except maybe the Starbucks or tanning ones.
I had a 24-hour fever thing yesterday! I'm never sick, and wouldn't you know I had two interviews so I couldn't go home and die until after 1:00. I slept on the couch from 2 until 6 then went to bed.
I'm off today because of comp time, so whoot whoot for me. Plus, Dad brought me a Frosty last night.
We have a cupcake shop in Inverness now! But it's only open weekdays from 9-3, so it probably won't last long. I'm going to git me sum today.
For yesterday's fever, of course.

Alison said...

Can you believe I've never been to IKEA, even though there is one ten miles away. #whitegirlproblems

I hear they have a great food court. Swedish meatballs and fro yo.

Sorry you were sick, but I'm glad it was quick. You definitely deserve a cupcake. Feed a fever, starve a cold, right?

White girl jubilation said...

I didn't get a cupcake after all. I actually forgot. But I got a cheeseburger, fries and another Frosty from Wendy's and Dad's bringing me dinner from Frankies.
I like being sick!