Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Do you like surprises?

I don't.  But that probably shouldn't surprise you much.

I'm a type A, neurotic, control freak and I can honestly say I don't like them.  I like the idea of a surprise.  And, most definitely, the thought behind the surprise.  But as far as actually being surprised?  Not so much.

Last night Craig called. 

He likes surprises. 

Anyway, he had planned to surprise us with a visit during Memorial Day weekend.  One last time before shipping off to a far away land.  He double checked his plans, thought he had clearance on all accounts and booked tickets.  Unfortunately, he should have triple, no, quadruple checked, because as it turns out, he cannot go anywhere that weekend.


Thankfully he purchased trip insurance.  Hopefully he'll get his money back.  If not...well, that's life. 

Anyway, as he was telling me all of this on the phone, I interrupted him and said,, "You realize I don't like surprises, right?"

"What?" he said.  "You mean to tell me you wouldn't be happy to see me, your husband of almost 15 years, if I showed up at the door unannounced?"

"Yes."  I told him.

Well, not exactly.  I obviously would be happy to see him and I certainly wouldn't send him away, but because I don't respond to surprises like the surpriser would hope, it's really just not a good idea to surprise me.  There's nothing worse than a shell shocked, type A, surprise hating surprisee reacting poorly to the well intentioned plans of a surprise loving surpriser.

Next time, I told him, you can surprise Caroline.  I'll even help plan it.

I think I just broke some sort of record for the amount of times I wrote 'surprise' in the above paragraphs.

Anyway, despite my distaste for surprises, it's a bummer that Craig cannot come for a visit.  I appreciate the effort, though. 

He gets points for trying.

Especially because just yesterday afternoon I was thinking to myself that on most days I'm perfectly okay with Craig being away for so long, but every so often, yesterday specifically, I miss having him around.



Sarah said...

This cracks me up because I can totally relate. I HATE surprises. I don't like it when people tell me there is a surprise and I really don't like it having things sprung on me, like surprise parties. Want to be disappointed? Throw me a surprise party. I will not be a happy camper. :)

another surprise hater said...

Me too!

Alison said...

Sarah--I'm glad I'm not the only one. I always appreciate the thought and/or effort behind the surprise, but I need time to process things....and surprises just don't come with 'processing time.'

another surprise hater---I figured you'd agree. How's life? :)

joshkc said...

hehe.... He finally won Rainie-Grace over after 3 visits: Now we have to listen to her say, "you're not my uncle. I want my uncle". With the military background it didn't take long to win over the boys, but he wasn't out of the drive way before they started with the "we miss him alreadies". And we still get the random I miss uncle Craigs. Really hope he got his money back!!