Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Slump

I'm as backwards as they come.  True story.

Most people can't wait for spring and summer.  Most people look forward to warmer weather and sunny skies. 

Like most people, I enjoy an occasional sunny day.  I like to open my windows to feel the breeze.  I understand why people like spring.  But for me?  Well, when spring comes around, I feel like hiding.  Perhaps it's because I was reminded this morning that school ends in 5 weeks.  The very thought of the long hot summer ahead of us makes me want to cry endless buckets of tears.

I'm planning a few camps/activities for Caroline to break up the monotony.  But then I wonder if it's too much?  Or not enough?  Should she spend time just playing in the neighborhood, or will hours spent at camp be more beneficial?  What happens when the neighborhood kids hit their mid summer slump and grow tired of the pool and of each other?

It all just stresses me out.

And then I think, 'if I had just had more kids, I wouldn't have to worry about filling Caroline's days with so many activities because she'd always have someone to play with.'  But then I remember that siblings bicker, which makes a seemingly endless summer feel even longer and more painful.  My sister and I fought like cats and dogs.  It's a wonder my mom made it through each summer without checking herself into the looney bin.

And then I get terribly self centered and think about how the frequency and length of my gym visits decline in the summer. I feel guilty bringing Caroline to the gym with me every day, because she sort of hates it, so  I concede a workout or two per week.  But working out is stress relief.  It makes me happy.

Me, me, me.

Hello, guilt.


In other news, I bought a new desktop computer.  I still can't figure out how to fix my other computer; I didn't even turn it on yesterday because I didn't want to even think about it.  Thankfully everything is backed up on an external hard drive, so we won't lose any important pictures and documents. Or music.  Craig is supposed to give me instructions on how to fix the problem on the dinosaur computer, but he doesn't have reliable Internet access right now and, not to mention, he's busy working.  Or whatever.  So, I shall wait.

The new computer, one of those all-in-one dealies, should arrive this week sometime.

I'm kind of excited about it.  Considering the fact that I was waiting for the other one to explode at any moment, it was time to upgrade.

And Craig, of course, is beside himself with glee, because he loves it when we make major purchases.

Guess I'm not the only backwards person in this family.

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