Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good Clean Fun

Despite my fervent protest, warm weather is upon us.  It actually hasn't been THAT hot lately, but if the temperature rises above 75, Caroline and friends immediately feel the need to pull out the hose.

Caroline and Rachel had a ball outside on Thursday playing with the hose; I grabbed my camera and tried to capture a few shots.

I'd love to include pictures of Rachel's face, but I'm not comfortable posting pictures of other people's children on the Internet without permission.  Also?  Rachel's dad is an attorney.  And he's a bit intense.  Honestly, I'm kind of scared of him.


The temperature really crept up this afternoon, which made for a sweaty soccer game.  After a stop for a post-soccer smoothie, Caroline joined several of her friends at the neighbor's house for an epic water battle.

Can't go wrong with good clean fun.

Happy Saturday!

Oh, and Happy Judgement Day!  As of 5:28 pm, the world has not ended.  We have a little bit of time before sundown, so we'll see how things go.

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