Monday, May 9, 2011

The Magic of Motherhood

It has become quite evident that Caroline cannot take a hint.  I made it pretty clear that I did not want her dirty socks next to my beloved Ebony and yet, those stupid socks remained there all weekend.  I refrained from picking them up myself, because I wanted her to do it.  Somehow it  never happened.

 I almost had a stroke keeping myself from picking up the socks myself.   Restraint is hard.

Caroline thinks it's funny.

I do not.

Clearly she has more important things to do than pick up her misplaced, dirty socks.

Important stuff like building tents.

Happy Mother's Day to me.

Who said motherhood wasn't magical?  Just look at my life; I'm living proof that it is.


My house is in disarray and my kid is a slob, which certainly doesn't help with the messy house situation.  Instead of dwelling on it, I'm just hiding upstairs in my bedroom while Caroline and friends do whatever it is they're doing downstairs.

In other, less depressing news, my azaleas have fully bloomed.

Aren't they pretty?

Poor evil bunny's view is obstructed by the beautiful blooms.

Some other stuff is blooming, too.  This is from a tree in our driveway; I have no idea what kind of tree, but this little flower is pretty.

and these are from the flower box on my neighbor's stairs.

Happy Monday!


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Jen Fiamengo said...

Your flowers are SO pretty! Looks like its getting beautiful out there, almost like Southern California? I'm looking forward to these great motherhood moments one day also . . .