The Running Housewife

I run.

It's not always fast and it's almost never pretty, but I run.

It's only been about two years since I started dedicating serious time and effort to running and only a year since I started actively racing (there was a 16 month gap between my first and second races). I'd like to race more frequently; in fact, I'd be happy running one race a week (especially if medals are involved!) but until Caroline is older and able to stay home alone, that probably won't happen.

Here's a list of my races and times.  The good thing about being a newbie racer is that everything is a personal record!  Hopefully I'll be able to beat all of my PR's eventually, but for now, here they are:

6.6.09 Croc Trot 5k  29:33

10.10.10 Star Kid 8k  46:03

10.24.10  Army Ten Miler  1:33:50

11.14.10 Ft. Belvoir Turkey Trot 10k  56:02

1.9.11  Disney World Marathon  4:33:13

3.26.11  National Half Marathon  2:00:18

Buddy Runner for Girls on the Run:

5.23.10  GOTR 5k at George Mason University

12.4.10 Reindeer Romp

Races with Caroline:

5.1.10  Croc Trot 5k

4.3.11 Cherry Blossom 5k

4.30.11 Croc Trot 5k

5.15.11 Girls on the Run 5k

Upcoming Races:

9.18.11 Chamber Challenge 10k

10.2/.1 Wilson Bridge Half Marathon

10.9.11 Army Ten Miler