Friday, May 20, 2011

True Story

True story:  I was doing laundry earlier and noticed how light my detergent bottle was feeling.  "Oh no," I said to myself.  "I'm almost out of detergent and I didn't pick any up at the store today."

And then I looked up.

Apparently I forgot buying four bottles of laundry detergent.

Go figure.

I suppose I'm not in danger of running out of fabric softener, either.

I'm generally not a laundry products hoarder, but I had some awesome $3 off Gain fabric softener coupons a few months ago.  The commissary had it on sale for $3.20; I had four coupons and ended up paying .80 for four bottles of Gain fabric softener.

True story:  I made that little banner at the top of the page.  I found a free template online and added the title.  If you understood my lack of computer prowess, you'd be very impressed by this.  I was having a heck of a time getting the banner to center properly, even after reading and re-reading the instructions.  Evidently if you miss one measly number in the code you must enter, the banner won't center.  All it took was the addition of a number 1 and the banner is now centered.

Want another true story?  Things are better in threes, right?

Yesterday, I told you I had a busy day.  I was busy, but truth be told, I wasn't busy splicing atoms or curing cancer.  I was busy shopping (and stuffing Thursday folders and going to the dentist to have cement from my old permanent retainer polished off my teeth).

I went bathing suit shopping.

NOT for me.  That's something I only do when absolutely necessary.

I went bathing suit shopping for Caroline.

I brought home five different suits to have her try on.

Two fit perfectly; the other three will be returned.

She needed goggles, too.

And a fuzzy green pillow and a matching bin to contain the junk in her room.

It's good to be Caroline. 

True story.


Sarah said...

Love the new banner! Good job!

joshkc said...

have you ever watched "Hoarders"? ; )