Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My, What Big Oranges You Have

I swung by the commissary after the gym to pick up some essentials:  fresh berries, protein powder and chocolate.  Right next to the blackberries was a huge display promoting a 'Wacky Wednesday' deal on some very large navel oranges.

Far be it from me to pass up a wacky deal on fruit.  Especially big fruit.

For lack of a better word, these babies are ginormous.  Although, it's hard to accurately portray the size of the oranges in pictures.  Perhaps I should have put it next to something smaller for comparison's sake?

Even my man hands are dwarfed by the size of the orange.

Watch, I'll peel one and find that the peel is three inches thick, leaving nothing but a puny bit of fruit.

In other news, I went bathing suit shopping yesterday.  Oh the horror!  I didn't intend to buy myself a new bathing suit this summer, but upon inspection, the top I wear most often is looking a little dingy, so I set out yesterday to find a new one.  Since I have bottoms (in black) that fit, I wasn't filled with the normal fear a woman faces when going to try on bathing suits.  Most of my figure flaws are located below the equator, so searching for a top isn't nearly as traumatizing.   Those florescent lights and three way mirrors are unforgiving; they're the stuff nightmares and big ugly cries are made of. 

I went to Kohls and came home with a top, which was on sale for $19.99.  Score!

The pattern is a little busy, something I'm not normally drawn to, but I liked this one for some reason.   

Perhaps because it was fit for me?

If only.....


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