Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't Mind Me

Don't mind me.  I'm fiddling with the blog background.  Unfortunately, I know nothing about this stuff, but I've been wanting something a little cleaner.  I wish I had a header.  I wish I knew how to make a header.  I wish I knew what kind of header I'd like.

Anyway, until I resolve my current identity crisis, we shall all see white and blue green and brown.



Sissy said...

I like this one, although I think I miss the green. Somehow, you say "green" to me. Maybe it is all those veggies you eat! Maybe something similar but with green? I forget where I found my adoption blog background, but it was free. I googled "free blogger templates" and went through hundreds of options. You'll find one that suits you.

Alison said...

Thanks Sissy.
I like the green, too.

I was thinking the white background would make the pictures pop more. I wish I could make the photos bigger, but it's either large (which I use) or super-extra-take-up-the-whole-page size.

I shoulda started with Wordpress. Blogger is a pain.

Hope you're okay!