Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wants and Want Nots

Let's face it, I'm a red-blooded greedy human being.  It's impossible to go through life without wanting things. Sure, most of it is fluff I don't need; I don't doubt that for a minute. Coveting is a sin, or so I read, but my neighbor does not have an ass a donkey, so I'm just going to go on wishing and hoping.

But before I share with you the things I'm currently coveting, let me show you what I DON'T want.

Exhibit A:

Last I checked, the perch upon which Ebony sits is NOT a laundry basket.  To Caroline, who does not do the laundry, any place in which her clothing lands is the perfect resting place.

Exhibit B:

 I do not want, but currently (and begrudgingly) have two scratches in my table.

Many thanks to these two candlesticks

which were knocked over by this ficus tree

on one very windy day.

Oh well, now those scratches, match the permanent pink sharpie marker on my dining room table.

So now that we've established that I do not want dirty socks in my kitchen or nicks in my furniture, let us discuss what I've been wanting lately.

Pretty feet.


It seems silly, but I have wretched, ugly feet.  Running has not done them any favors.  With flip flop season upon us, the state of my feet has really gotten me down. Too bad I cannot stand having my feet touched, because I could really use a pedicure right about now.

You know what else I really want?


A laundry fairy.  Oh, you know you want one, too.

I keep hoping one will show up and help a girl out, but it appears that fairies are hard to track down.

I'd really love an endless supply of these mozzarella-tomato paninis from Panera Bread

  Caroline and I had our Mother's Day lunch today after soccer because she has a birthday party to go to tomorrow.  I let her select the restaurant, because I'm a selfless mother (ahem).  Thankfully she picked Panera.  After soccer she asked for McDonald's, but I reminded her that she already picked Panera.  This panini is SO good; so good, in fact, that I always get sad when I get to the end of the sandwich.  I just don't want it to be over.

And lastly, I really want this

a Vitamix.

It's the ugliest (and priciest) blender known to man, but it can grind anything up.  True fact:  smoothies made in the Vitamix taste 67% better than those made in regular blenders.

Well, that might not be the truest fact out there, but it's one I choose to believe.

What have you been coveting lately?


Hilary said...

Costco always has the vitamix demo-ing on Saturdays and it sucks me in every time. Luckily, Mr. R. is always nearby to remind me that I could find other ways to spend $300 and that I have a very nice blender at home. I seriously feel your vitamix pain.

Marcey said...

I can't believe that more people haven't chimed in on the coveting band wagon! I'm coveting an iPad...but, I'll take the laundry fairy if she's up for grabs!

joshkc said...

I have several laundry fairies, however you really have to lower your standards when turning it over to them. But I'd be willing to spare a couple this summer if you REALLY want one. What are sister-in-laws for?

Alison said...

Hilary--it's good to have Mr. R as the voice of reason. But those Vitamix machines are super awesome. I have a tendency to break blenders, so it's probably best that I don't own one that costs $300. That would be much to painful to replace.

Marcey-- I wouldn't mind having an iPad. I have a feeling we have a better chance of getting an iPad than ever having the laundry fairy show up.
My mom said she wants to be able to eat anything she wants without any of figure wise. I wouldn't mind that, either.

KC--you're kind to offer up your kids; I couldn't imagine why you would want to get rid of them for the summer. Those kids wiped Craig out while he was visiting. You are superwoman!

Regan said...

This won't assuage your Vitamix lust at all but I own a Vitamix and it might be the best purchase I made in 2009. I don't think you can kill it unless you try to blend bricks or something. I compulsively tried everything the demo dvd mentioned- making flour from whole grains, making nut butters, making hot soup- it's so powerful that if you run it for a few minutes, your soup will heat to steaming.

Alison said...

That whole soup making thing is awesome.
I know they're indestructible, which, in my case, is probably a really good thing. :)