Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stick It In A Bowl And Call It Dinner

Stick it in a bowl and call it dinner is my new motto.  Or perhaps I should refer to it as my dinner mission statement?

Regardless of what you call it, my dinners of late represent the above statement quite accurately.

Remember a few months ago when I went on the great white dish search of 2011?  I think it was in March?  No, it was the end of February.    The beauty of blogging is that I can look back and see what I did (or in my case, didn't) do on any given day.    Anyway, besides purchasing normal dinner/salad plates, I also bought these pasta bowls.

Please pardon the dark picture.  I'm not sure what I did to it and the idea of fixing it seems most unappealing right now. :)

This picture makes the bowls look huge; while they're definitely substantial, they're not quite in the Jethro bowl category.

Anyway, with Craig not here, my desire to cook real dinner food has waned quite significantly.  Honestly though, my desire to cook real dinner food waned when Craig was deployed last year and I never really reestablished my cooking mojo upon his return.  Baking?  Yes.  Real food?  No.  If I can't cream butter and sugar together, the idea of creating in the kitchen doesn't excite me much.  Since it's clearly not a neccesity at this moment, I'm not really bothered by my lack of cooking mojo. Caroline doesn't require much variety in the dinner hour and is happy to eat some variation of carb + cheese + vegetable nightly.  As a result, I've allowed myself to forgo creativity in the kitchen and have taken to throwing a bunch of stuff in a bowl, heating it in the microwave and calling it dinner.

The individual components in the bowl vary upon what it is in my fridge, which provides for quite a bit of variety.  Generally it's some sort of cooked grain (pasta, wheat berries, bulgar, rice), some sort of bean (kidney, black, chick pea) and whatever cooked vegetables I have.  Sometimes I add a sprinkle of cheese.  Sometimes a drizzle of marinara sauce.  Sometime both.

It's balanced.  And tasty.

And easy.

Just how I like it.

Okay, I'd love to babble on some more, but it's time to retrieve Caroline from school.  We have a friend coming at 4pm who will then walk to soccer practice with us.  It's a really pretty day today, which makes being outside quite enjoyable.

Happy Wednesday!


Jen Fiamengo said...

I say, as long as you feed Caroline it's a success. I'm sure she doesn't require anything to fancy shmancy and she probably just doesn't really care either. At least you have pretty white bowls to eat out of, my mom says its all about the presentation :)

Alison said...

Your mother is very wise! ;) Whatever my mish-mash of dinner food I put in the bowl does look pretty. Except for last night's because it was all the same color. It was tasty, but monochrome.