Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did I Mention?

Did I mention I'm running a half marathon next month?


Honestly, I cannot remember if I mentioned it on the blog.

Anyway, because I like to do things backwards, I'm running my first half marathon AFTER running my first marathon.  One things for sure, after you've run a full marathon, the half marathon distance seems downright enjoyable.

Craig ran the national half in 2009; since I want to keep up with his medal count, it's now my turn.  Of course, he ran the race in an hour and 33 minutes.  That part most definitely won't happen, but at least we'll have matching medals.
I was going to run the race with my sister, except last week she flaked out on me.  ;)  She has been training, but doesn't feel ready to conquer the 13.1 distance yet.  I can understand her trepidation; feeling confident and well trained is certainly important.   However, she is citing old age as one of her problems.  Did I mention she's my little sister?  I'd understand if she wasn't 7 years younger than me, but at this time I have no sympathy for a 27 year old.  A sprightly, energetic 27 year old without cellulite or an extra seven years of wear and tear on her body.  Did I mention I'm writing this post with my 34 year old leg propped up on a chair with a bag of frozen peas icing my sore knee?
Oh, I'm just teasing.  But not about the peas; they're my favorite knee icing tool.

I think Laura and I will run a different race later in the spring, or perhaps in the fall.

Anyway, I haven't run more than 6.5 miles since the marathon five weeks ago, which probably isn't ideal for training.  This week I plan to conquer a long run, which is great because the weather is unseasonably warm right now.  To be honest, after my frigid Christmas Day 20 miler, I was kind of over winter running; Friday's projected high of 68 degrees (in February!) is most welcome.

Otherwise, there isn't much happening.

Ooh, except Caroline's friend Bailey invited us both over for dinner last night.  Her mom made pasta Milano, which is a copy cat recipe for the dish made at Macaroni Grill.  Thankfully Bailey's mom is health conscious and made a few healthful substitutions to the recipe, particularly with the called for 1 cup of heavy cream.  Yowzers, that's a lot of heavy cream.  

It was a delicious, unexpected meal with lovely company, to boot.


NK said...

Run, Althon, run!

Wish I could be there. Mostly I wish I could eat your cookies.

We LOVED Caroline's thank you card! "The $9 check was perfect because I'm 9!"
Makes us sound cheap, but hey.

Alison said...

How cute. I didn't read her card before I sent it. $9 is perfect. Although, the lady who cashed the check said you're supposed to include an extra dollar for good luck. :)

I wish you could come and eat cookies, too. But actually, you'll be here a few weeks later. I figgered that on Friday we can go to Old Town, Alexandria because it's closer to home and I'll have to get Caroline from school. On Sunday we can do the DC thing, since you're leaving on Monday?


I was just remembering this morning that I need to order that 5x7 picture of the back of Caroline's head, per your request.

i'll get on that.

And by 'get on that' I mean, I'll order when I remember again because surely I'll forget at least one more time.