Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Oops, I didn't blog this afternoon.  Not that I always blog everyday. 

But anyway, this will be short because I have to be upstairs at 9pm to watch TV with Caroline.  She's mighty demanding, that girl.  And she's a bed hog.  A bed hog with icicle feet (like her mother) which she is entirely too happy to touch me with.

I've been busy today.  Mostly busy fighting with the computer.  Once again, I was reminded of how technologically unsavvy I truly am.  It's frightening how incompetent I can be.

To add insult to injury idiocy,  after I think I conquered my computer woes, I was then reminded of how hard (and stupid) new math is.  I mean really?  I'm sure educators have their reasons for teaching math the way they do now, but COME ON. 

I seriously could not help Caroline with her home work tonight.

Actually, it wasn't 'homework' it was a tricky multiplication bonus question on last week's test that she got wrong.  I couldn't explain to her why she got it wrong because I couldn't figure out how the teachers want them to arrive at the answer.  I know how to multiply, but the normal way I learned to do it, apparently isn't the norm any more.

In other news, I scored free Powerade and sandwich thins at Safeway today. 

That's something happy and non-frustrating.

Also, I discovered how much I love the mascara mini-brush.


The mini brush totally eliminated lash clumping. Love.

Eep, it's almost 9.  If I don't make my way upstairs soon, Caroline will start hollering for me.  Ha!  As soon as I typed this, Caroline came downstairs and said 'I thought you were coming up at 9?'

Did I mention she's kind of demanding?

Oh well....on the bright side, computers and math are not necessary for laying in bed and kicking away my kid's icy feet watching TV.

Amen to that.

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