Friday, February 11, 2011

Exercise > Shopping (Maybe?)

I love exercise.  I love (non-bathing suit) shopping, too.  Honestly, I probably love shopping more than I love going to the gym, but gym time is so much better for the body and the checkbook than shopping time will ever be.

When I'm bored I shop.  Lately, I've been pretty bored.  The holidays are over.  The marathon is over.  Caroline's birthday is over.  Craig is gone.  I have nothing to plan.  I have nothing to look forward to.  I have nothing to bake. I have a lot of free time. 

For the most part, I'm okay with that, because, let's face it, I'm not exactly a go-go-go, go-getter type of person. Timid is my middle name.   I suppose I could get a job or something, but, then I wouldn't be able to spend three hours at the gym every day. 

Yes, I'm a big princess and don't worry, I'm not really complaining.

What I'm getting at is this:  I've been shopping too much.  The shopping I've done hasn't been damaging to the finances;I'm not buying diamond rings and designer jeans, purses and shoes.  All I'm doing is occupying my time. Examining items on display, scouring the Internet for the 'perfect' dinnerware set, playing the coupon game and coming home with things I probably don't need, even if they had rock bottom clearance prices.

It's a bad habit; retail therapy at its finest.  My mom calls it recreational shopping.  I think it's her fault.   :)

So today, I stayed later at the gym.  If I'm not finished with my workout and showered until 12:30, when I'm STARVING for lunch, I don't have any desire to swing by the store.  I want to go home and eat. 

My muscles and over used debit card will thank me.

A couple of years ago I put myself on a shopping diet.  This was when we lived in Georgia and I had Target, Michaels and Old Navy across the street from my gym.  Sheesh almighty, I spent a lot of money back then.  Talk about temptation.

But this really isn't about money. It's about filling a void. Oh, and also my weakness in the presence of a red clearance sticker.

Perhaps staying at the gym a little longer a few days a week will be the best solution to my shopping habit.  Heck, if I end up a faster runner and a little buffer, I definitely won't complain.

And then I can blow all the money I saved, by exercising and not shopping, on smaller pants.  :)

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Rebecca said...

Staying at the gym longer sounds like a great plan. During marathon training I definitely stayed out of the stores!