Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thoughts While Drying My Hair

Good Sunday morning to you.

Just a few minutes ago, I was drying my hair and doing some deep thinking.  Well, that's a lie because 1)  I rarely have deep thoughts and 2) I wasn't REALLY drying my hair.  I was just drying my bangs, so that once the rest air dries, I can put my hair up in pigtails.  Yes, I'm 34 and yes, I wear my hair in pigtails.  Usually, it's my go-to workout hairstyle, but sometimes, when I have a lazy weekend day planned, I go for the pigtail look. 

Anyway,  as I fixed my hair, I realized that I no longer care about celebrity news.  Shocking, no?  I used to be up on all the latest gossip, watched the award shows, knew who was who and who was dating who, but now, I just don't really care.

These days, when I see the cover of US Weekly or People, I have no clue who is on the cover. 

Is it because I'm getting old?  Or is it because it's all so superfluous?

Let's face it, I'm not exactly the Queen of Deep Thinking, and 34 isn't that old, so who knows why I've eschewed my love for celebrity gossip and award show red carpet shows.

Of course, it's also important to note that I still watch ridiculous reality television shows and read snarky television recaps.   Not THAT much has changed; I'm certainly not about to go off the grid and start grinding my own wheat and milking my own cows. 

Speaking of deep thinking, there are a few blogs I read with authors who write beautiful, thoughtful, articulate posts.  I read these words and am often amazed that people think these things and can then write them down in a coherent fashion for others to read.  It's a gift I don't have.  I realize that this shouldn't be a comparison game, but sometimes I wish I had an easier time expressing myself on subjects other than baking, searching for the right dishes or bedsheets and my love for coffee and coupons.  Heck, sometimes I wish I  had thoughts on subjects other than baking, searching for the right dishes or bedsheets and my love for coffee and coupons.

Sometimes I surprise myself and find that I do have thoughts on real thought-provoking topics, but then I get distracted by a sale on housewares or a hankering for a cup of coffee.  Actually though, the other day I found myself on the verge of a major rant.  I felt it brewing; my fingers were jittery and all geared up to type up a rant filled blog post.  But, I stopped myself.   I stopped myself because I figured if I was going to rant about something someone said that I find self righteous, in the end, I'd appear just as self righteous for ranting about it.  Which would certainly defeat the purpose of the rant.

So, in the interest of not appearing petty and self righteous, I quelled my brewing rant. 

And then went to Pier 1 and bought some dishes.



Queen Critiquewah said...

Hey, me too!
From a writing standpoint, this is a very good blog post, two things in particular: I love the self-righteous rant thing and (2) I love how you ended with a reference to something at the beginning.
You personalized a universal truth that many experience and you preached a sermon without being preachy. Amen, sistah!
Well-constructed! You get an A!
Your shallowness has deep depth.

Alison said...

Queen Critiquewah?!? How did you ever some up with that one? I'm impressed.

Thanks for the A!

Oh, and also for the deep shallowness I probably inherited from you. ;)

Happy Sunday, Queen.