Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boing.. Boing


I tried a new (to me) class at the gym yesterday.  It's called Kangoo Jumps, which involves wearing the crazy shoes pictured above.  By the looks of the shoes, you'd think you'd feel unsteady while bouncing around, but much to my surprise, it wasn't hard to maintain my balance at all.  Sure I felt a little goofy at first, but, I always feel a little goofy.  Once I was in an upright position and bouncing around like a big goofball, much like a kid on a big trampoline, I had a blast.  And got a great workout, too.

I had visions of falling down and breaking my tailbone, but I didn't wobble once.  And best of all, the workout is non-impact, which makes my running weary knees quite happy.  

I can't wait to try it again.  Unfortunately, I'll miss next week's special Valentine's day edition (I hear there will  be chocolate there)  because I have to go to Caroline's class for their Valentine distribution extravaganza.  Sigh! The sacrifices I make for that kid!

Otherwise, there really isn't a whole lot going on around here. Oh, it's windy and I just ate a bunch of ice cream. I never eat ice cream during the day, but for some reason I found myself, big spoon in hand, sitting with an open carton of ice cream, mindlessly shoveling it in my mouth while listening to Donald Rumsfeld being interviewed on the radio.  Now I feel yucky. 

About the ice cream; not Donald Rumsfeld.

In other news,  I've been staying busy trying to find the perfect dinnerware set, but I'm not having much luck.  It's come down to two things:  1) I have expensive tastes and 2) there are a whole lot of ugly dinnerware sets out there.

I've been fixated on square plates for some time, but I can't find any that I love and are in my price range (read:  cheap).  I was opposed to white plates for a long time, because white is kind of boring, but I'm kind of warming up to them now.  The problem is that most of the dinnerware sets out there contain little coffee mugs.  I hate little coffee mugs.  I need sturdy mugs.  My man hands demand them.  If I bought a dinnerware set, I'd probably chuck the dinky mugs in favor of the mugs I currently own.  And why would I want to spend money on mugs I'd never use?

So then I thought about buying plates and bowls separately, but that gets really expensive.

It's hard to maintain such high standards while being so cheap.

I know what I don't want:  dark colors, flowers, geometric designs, fruit/veg motifs, dinky mugs or anything metallic.  I also know what I want: square plates (but not square bowls...I think?), sturdy, classic, pretty and not too expensive.

This is tragic.

And now I'm off to search Overstock.com to see if they have any plates I cannot live without.

I'll let you know if I find anything that tickles my fancy.


Hilary said...

I LOVE the idea of that class! But I CANNOT imagine having to wear those shoes! IKEA has square plates and let's you buy separate. Have you checked them out?

Alison said...

The shoes weren't uncomfortable at all, which I found rather surprising. The only thing is that you need to wear long socks, so I borrowed some of Craig's. Classy.

Thanks for the Ikea idea. Can you believe I've never been to Ikea, even though we have one down the road at Potomac Mills? Tragic, I know.

I think I'll make a trip that way, shortly.