Friday, February 4, 2011

Tied Up With A Pretty Bow

I've been in baking mode these past two days.  Yesterday I made peanut butter brownies and some jumbo sized heart shaped sugar cookies.  This morning, I rose with the roosters and decorated the sugar cookies with pinky-red royal frosting and Valentine themed sprinkles.  I went to the gym with red stained hands and a few sprinkles in my hair!

I still have cupcakes to frost (once I actually make the fluffy chocolate frosting, that is) but in the mean time, I thought I'd share what's been going on in my kitchen lately. 

All tied up with a pretty bow.

Call me a bake sale snob, but I'm a big believer in pretty packaging for bake sales.  Two smushed, crumbly brownies hastily thrown into a too large ziploc bag isn't nearly as eye appealing as something lovingly packaged and adorned with a festive ribbon.

Or perhaps this is just my excuse to buy more ribbon.  I do have a ribbon problem, afterall.


Cookieless in FL said...

Bee-u-tee-ful! I especially like that last photo.
You need to go into bidness. Truly.
Are your sugar cookies as tasty as they are pretty?

Alison said...

The last photo....I've been fiddling with aperture, which makes one part clear and the other stuff unfocused. I be confused.

Yes, the cookies taste good, too. This was a softer, puffier recipe that called for sour cream. I liked these the best because I just like softer sugar cookies.

All my goodies were bought up pretty quickly, which I suppose is a good sign. Hopefully everyone liked what they ate.


Hilary said...

So pretty! I am sucker for presentation as well. I just can't bring myself to buy something that doesn't look pretty.