Friday, March 20, 2009

Run Lola, er Craig, Run!

If Homer Simpson can run, you can too!

Tomorrow morning, bright and VERY early, Craig is embarking on a virgin mission: the half marathon.

He's run 13.1 miles before. But not in an official race.
He signed up for this back in October, the day before he ran the Army Ten Miler, and has been anticipating it greatly.

Why yes, he's a running fool.

The race begins very early, so he has suggested that Caroline and I do not attempt to meet him at the finish line. The race ends at RFK stadium, and he says it's sort of ghetto in that area.
So, we'll wait at home.

With 911 on speed dial!

Keep your fingers crossed that his knees cooperate, he sleeps well tonight and runs the race in the time he wants.


nancy said...

I commented on the This and That blog, but didn't know how you would know if someone comments on past posts.

Alison said...

I just look to see if there are any comments posted under each blog entry.