Saturday, February 5, 2011


Uh oh, someone's 40 today and thankfully, it's not me. 

It's this guy

I know Caroline, I can hardly believe it myself.  But remember, even though daddy is old, we still love him.

Look, we even made Craig a birthday cupcake. 

But only one candle; we don't want to set off the smoke alarm.  I do that enough when I'm 'cooking.'

Actually, this cupcake was one of the dozen I baked for the Basket Bingo bake sale, but it was nice of us to think of Craig, right? 

So thoughtful in fact, that Caroline volunteered to eat one for him.

I stopped her, though.  Those are for the bake sale, therefore, she must fork over 50 cents first.

She did make a card to mark this momentous occasion.

Since we can't mail him the card, because 1.) he doesn't have an address 2.) we don't have an envelope big enough and 3.) I don't have any stamps (and I really hate buying them), a picture of the artist holding the card, will have to do.

(I drew the cake)

Sometimes I can hardly believe that I've known Craig for nearly 16 years.  He was 24 way back then; sixteen years later, age 24 seems so young, but since I was 18 at the time, even then he was 'old.' 

Now he's REALLY old!

Where has the time gone?

This is the second year in a row Craig has spent his birthday apart from us.  Last year, he left early in the morning, before a big snow storm blew through later that day, to begin deployment junk in Georgia.  This year, he's in Texas.

Craig, I wish you were here so I could repeatedly remind you of your advanced age  to wish you a happy birthday in person, but since that's not going to happen, here's a card for you:

but don't worry,

Happy Birthday, Craig!

We love you even though you're old!


M-I-L said...

Happy Birthday Craig! You're my favorite S-I-L.

Hilary said...

Caroline's card is adorable. And your bake sale cupcakes look amazing! Happy Birthday to your Mr.