Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nice Buns!

All of you.

Exchange the word "eyes" for "buns" and only my mom will get this somewhat obscure 80's television reference.

Actually, the buns of which I speak are these beauties

Aside from the fact that they are quite obviously not equal in size, aren't they good lookin buns?
We're having turkey burgers for dinner tonight, but we're out of hamburger buns.
I went to TWO different grocery stores today for some double/triple coupon bargains, but chose not to buy any buns.
Instead, I flipped through my recipe box, pulled out my bread maker and made some from scratch.

In the spirit of transparency and before you start fawning over my bread making techniques and my Martha-esque domestic aptitude, let me show you this

The tops of the buns are pretty, but as you can clearly see, the bottoms aren't.

Even well intentioned Martha-minded people can forget to grease the pan.

Just keeping it real.

PS--Craig had a great race this morning. His goal was to run it (13.1 miles!) in one hour and 44 minutes. Instead, he ran it in one hour and 33 minutes.

I think he averaged 7:07 min miles. That's fast.

Not bad for an old guy.


nancy said...

"Nice eyes" -- is that from My Sister Sam or Square Pegs?

Glad Craig ran fast. Better him than me. And your buns look mighty tasty.

We had rice and black beans for dinner and Wal Mart's pineapple mango salsa, which is mucho good-o.

Alison said...

My Sister Sam.
It was Patty's date to the prom.

I like rice and beans.

My buns were tasty. They're not too soft, like store bought, but not so chewy that your burger falls out while you're trying to bit into the bun.