Sunday, February 13, 2011

So Much For Staying Out of the Stores

Staying out of the stores and curbing my shopping habits seemed like a good idea. 

For that one day.

Clearly, I do not possess impeccable self control.

After Caroline's basketball game yesterday, I said to her  'next week we'll go out to lunch after the game.'  To which Caroline replied, 'why not today?'  Since I didn't have a good answer to the question she posed, and my stomach was growling, I agreed.  Caroline chose Firehouse Subs, which proved to be a great choice  because I had a coupon for a free sandwich.  In total, our meal cost under $7.

Since we were already out, we swung by Kohls to look for running shoes for Caroline.  Her current shoes have frayed laces and have been beaten up in usual third grade fashion; they had definitely seen better days.  Besides, the spring season of Girls on the Run is right around the corner, so new shoes are a necessity.

Yep, she wears a ladies size 7.5!!

  Those are some sturdy feet.

Honestly, the shoes were needed AND I used a gift card my very generous neighbor gave us for shoveling her driveway when it snowed a few weeks ago, so I shouldn't feel too badly about the purchase.  However, because I'm completely incapable of leaving a store without first perusing the sales racks,  I also snatched up the only remaining  pair of jeans in my size, which were on sale.

Here's the thing:  I have short legs and must wear short jeans.  It's hard to find short jeans and sometimes even the short jeans are still too long, but this Sonoma brand fits me well.  As a plus, they have a 'slimming hidden panel' which I adore.  I mean, really?  Who doesn't love a little slimming action?

Also, even though they contain a little bit of stretch, these jeans do not totally lose their shape half an hour after you put them on.

Don't you just hate that?! 

I have some stretch jeans that fit perfectly first thing in the morning but then I find myself hiking them up all day long because they lose their shape.  I must admit, constant blue jeans readjustment isn't the most lady like thing you've ever seen.

I know this shopping excursing could have been worse; I could have done a lot more damage. 

I have to go back to the store today to get napkins for Caroline's class Valentine party.  Up until about 30 minutes ago, I didn't think they were having an actual party.  It's a good thing I said something because otherwise Caroline would have showed up to school without the napkins she signed up to bring, and forgot to tell me about.

As I was making lunch for Caroline and her friend, the subject of Valentine parties came up.  I think I said something like 'you're not having a real party' and Caroline said 'yes we are.'  'There will be cupcakes and cookies and a veggie platter; oh and we have to bring napkins.' 

'Napkins?' I said.  'Did the teachers tell you to bring napkins?'

'No, I signed up,' she said.

'Thanks for telling me,' I said in a somewhat snarky manner.

'Sorry, I forgot,' Caroline replied.

And then I said, 'why didn't you sign me up for cookies?'

So now I have to buy red and pink napkins.  I'd rather make cookies, but apparently some other kid signed their parents up for cookies.

I hope he or she had the decency to let them know.

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Hilary said...

I was talking with a friend who found out at 9PM last night that she was signed up for 24 cupcakes. She was wishing she had gotten napkins.