Wednesday, February 2, 2011

School Glorious School

Hooray, the kids went back to school today!  On time.  No delays. 

And all the moms rejoiced.

The weather was kind of wonky today.  The temperature actually crept up to near 60 this afternoon.  I noticed how warm it felt when I went out around 1pm, but when it was time to get Caroline from school, the clouds were back, it felt cooler and I needed my jacket.

It's colder where Craig is in Texas than it is here, but never fear, it'll be back in the 30s tomorrow.

You may not know this about me, but I hate wearing jackets.  I mean, I like and certainly appreciate them when it's really cold and I have to be outside for a long time, but in the mornings when I go from my warm house to my warm car in the garage to the gym, I don't wear my jacket.  I just run, bare armed and legged, through the parking lot to my gym. 

A jacket is just one more thing to carry.  I hate carrying superfluous stuff.

I also hate wearing a jacket when I drive, it's too confining, so I usually go without and just brave the few seconds of cold when I'm walking to and from my car if I'm out shopping.

Every year I say to myself  'it's time to buy a nice winter coat' but then I remember that I won't get much wear out of it.  I have a black fleece jacket that is a lint/hair magnet, but it does the trick.

Hmmm, what else can I reveal to you? 

Let's see...I've recently instituted 'chips and salsa time.'  Besides school time and Caroline's bed time, it's my favorite part of the day.  Everyone should have chips and salsa time.  It's my own version of happy hour, except with none of the alcohol and twice the fat grams.

I've totally fallen in love with this salsa:

Chachies Key Lime and Garlic

It's so good. Seriously good.  It's like crack.  Or so I assume, since I've never actually had crack.

Sadly, I'm out of Chachies and I forgot to pick up some more yesterday during my super double coupon extravaganza.  Thankfully I scored a jar of Tostitos salsa for free at Target when I bought two bags of tortilla chips.  It's no Chachies, but it'll do.

In other news, I haven't used my camera in a few days.  It feels odd to not include pictures in my posts.

Hopefully something picture-worthy will occur soon.

I am baking tomorrow and Friday, which is usually picture worthy.  I'm baking for the bake sale at Caroline's school's  "Basket Bingo" fundraiser on Friday night.  Last year I baked several items for the event and even won a door prize:  a Pampered Chef 9x13 stoneware baker that I've used like three times, but maybe only twice.  I can't remember.  The problem is that it's way, way, way up in the cabinet and in order to reach it, I have to climb onto the counter tops, which always results in bruises on my shins.

Anyway, maybe I'll take some pictures of my chocolate cupcakes, heart shaped sugar cookies (more royal icing!) and salty, fudgy, peanut  butter brownies.  Mmm, brownies.

Man, between chips and salsa time and my upcoming baking projects, I better be careful.  I'll have to eat my chips and salsa judiciously because somehow 'celery and water time' just doesn't seem nearly as appealing.

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