Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hair on Fiiiiire!

So, the hair dryer in the locker room at my gym singed my hair.

Twice.  Both yesterday and today.

Evidently, I'm generally distracted enough to not notice the first time my hair is being burned.

All I know is that the hair dryer my gym provides has, as overused hair dryers are apt to do, started to smell a little and sound a little labored while in use.  Yesterday, as I stood there, swaying back and forth, dreaming of what I should feed my hungry belly for lunch and drying my hair with my big roller brush, I noticed a few strands of hair, up near the bangs area, looked a bit golden in hue.  Considering the fact that my hair is very dark, I was puzzled by the sight, but the light color disappeared and I eventually forgot about it. 

The same thing happened today!

Only, today, my interest was piqued and I decided to investigate further.  My investigation yielded these results:  Singed, burned spiky hairs on the top of my head.

I tried with all my might to take a picture of the affected area, but it was nearly impossible.  Short, dark singed hair blend in quite well with long, dark, non-singed hair.
Thankfully, I'm not of an age, or in a situation, in which I'm concerned that my burned hair won't grow back.  Some might label this some sort of tragedy, but I actually find this kind of amusing.  Especially because just last week declared to myself that I preferred that hair dryer over any other, including my own, because it blew really hot air and dried my hair rather quickly.

Stupid sadistic hair dryer.

That dryer may be a cruel jokester, but all I know is that from now on, I'm bringing my own hair dryer to the gym; my hair may grow quickly, but I'm not really interested in burning any more of it.

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