Thursday, July 1, 2010

Promotion Day Candy Gram

Because no promotion is complete without cake, here's a promotion cupcake:

Congratulations, Craig!

I'm very excited about the pay raise happy for you!


Alison said...

testing, testing, 123

Anonymous said...

this is your anonymous mom

mommy said...

this is your mommy

Sissy said...

Very nice! And I am assuming you ate all that stuff later, right?

Alison said...

You better believe I did. Well, except for the Good N Plentys, because....ick. You like black licorice, right? So does my mom and Craig. Perhaps I'm the odd ball here.

I had a lot of "helpers" while I was making the signs, which explains the hastily snapped, shadowy pictures. They wanted to go to the pool and I was tired of their grubby little hands stealing all of my props.

We do have a rather large quantity of lemonheads left, which I consider a good thing.


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations Craig!