Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Pictures From The Villages...No Golf Carts, I Promise.

Saturday was a pretty low key day. Well, it was low key for me, but Caroline had a blast tubing down the Ichetucknee River with her cousins. Had I not previously made a hair appointment (hello, priorities!) I would have joined them. The Ichetucknee, while surrounded by typical Floridian jungle flora and fauna, is actually too cold to attract any undesirable water critters. Now, that is my kind of river.

So, while Caroline and her cousins (and her entirely too generous aunt and uncle) were tubing, my mom and I had our hair cut. The tandem hair cuts were then followed by an ever titillating trip to Super Wal Mart for groceries. After lunch, we settled in, with my dad commandeering the remote control, and watched a "Yankeeography" of Yogi Berra and a documentary on The Mustang Ranch. Do we know how to have a good time, or what? Put three Kennedys in a room and the good times just roll. ;)

In lieu of a play-by-play synopsis of Yogi Berra's legendary baseball career and/or the rise and fall of The Mustang Ranch, I though I'd share some of the non-golf cart pictures I took at The Villages on Friday.

Okay, so I lied. Here's one golf cart picture....but it's really a picture of my mom.

I couldn't help it; this cart was made just for her.


Sissy said...

Your mom is looking good!

Elizabeth said...

I didn't see the name at first and I thought it was made for your mom because it says EZ GO on the front, and I wasn't sure what you were trying to say about your mom. I agree with Sissy...she looks awesome. Hope we all look that good in the future.