Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Caroline and I are going on a trip.

Would you care to guess where we're going?
Here's a hint: we're NOT going on an exotic beach vacation, nor are we embarking on a European adventure. Boo!

We are however, going where many kids go each summer: to Grandma's (and Grandpa's!) house. In fact, we're flying to the land of Grandmas and Grandpas; where the humid air makes your blue, permed hair even more curly and the entire parking lot of Publix is packed with Lincoln Town Cars and other boat sized cars. We're going where doctor's offices and funeral homes out number restaurants and schools.

Sensible shoes, polyester pant suits, early bird specials....

Yep, we're going to Florida.
EVERYONE has at least one grandparent, who lives in Florida, right?

We're not leaving until the weekend, but I've already started packing. I was watching the news the other morning and an "expert organizer" said that you should start packing one week before you're due to leave. That seems excessive, even to someone as tightly wound as me.
Perhaps if I had a whole family to pack for, I'd start a week in advance, but since I'm only responsible for the two of us, I've started four days in advance. I actually could have waited, but the weather is significantly cooler today (low 80s NO humidity) so we're not going to the pool (too cold!!). I figured it would be prudent to use this free time to pack, when I have absolutely nothing else to do. Well, nothing else to do besides lay on my bedroom floor, read blogs and eat graham crackers with peanut butter and honey. It's all about priorities.

Packing and traveling (ugh, and flying) totally stresses me out. Are you surprised?
In my endless quest for order and simplicity, everything and I mean EVERYTHING I pack must have a purpose and an absolute need. It must also be CONTAINED.
We're bringing two suitcases and everything MUST fit in a neat and organized fashion, or I'm not bringing it. No suitcases so full that I have to sit on them to zip them shut. Also, I hate having odds and ends stuffed in bags, in a haphazard, loosey goosey manner.

Like I said: CONTAINED.

Containment makes my heart (and brain) happy.

Even if the suitcase is closed and I cannot see it's contents, just knowing that things might be unorganized makes me very uncomfortable.

You know, if there were any doubt that opposites attract, you should see how differently Craig and I pack. It's too bad he's not here; otherwise I'd take pictures of our individual packing styles and show you how different we really are. Let me tell you, we're like the Odd Couple; just call me Felix. I'm methodical; he's haphazard. Honestly, Oscar'sCraig's packing style stresses me out. Just thinking about it causes me to tick nervously.

Wow, I could really use a vacation.

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