Saturday, July 10, 2010

Golf Carts

My mom and I went on a little road trip yesterday. With Caroline attending her last day of camp, we had nothing but time on our hands. Our trip took us to Florida's friendliest hometown: The Villages.

With the exception of the fact that The Villages has an alarmingly high rate of STD's, it's really quite a lovely place. The Villages is a sprawling retirement community, which is rather golf-centric. It's expansive acreage is covered with well manicured landscaping and is overflowing with houses, golf courses, fitness centers and shops galore.

After we returned from our trip, I wrote Craig an email in which I informed him that we would most definitely be retiring to The Villages when we're older. The reason I feel so strongly about retiring there could be summed up in two words: golf carts.

Yep, golf carts. I was enamored by golf carts. You wouldn't believe the varietal cornucopia of golf carts we stumbled upon today.

Personalized golf carts. Patriotic ones, too. There were sports themed golf carts and those that showed their support for their favorite political candidates. Two seaters, four seaters, plain and elaborate. We saw golf carts that looked like old fashioned cars and ones that looked like sports cars. We even encountered a golf cart with a little seat for the owner's dog.

Golf carts.

Being that The Villages is a golfing community, the golf carts are really not a surprise, but even non golfers use golf carts as their preferred source of transportation. Those crazy, eco friendly retirees.

I'm slightly embarrassed that I found the golf carts so enthralling, but, I suppose it could be worse.

What could be worse is that I took a TON of pictures of golf carts.


Elizabeth said...

There is a dealership a couple of miles from our house that exclusively sells golf carts of all varieties. They have some that look like limos. I don't know what the attraction would be to have one here because you'd get run over if you had one.

Alison said...

Um, yeah, I'd be scared to drive one in L.A. As much as I detest the idea of getting to retirement age, and golf, for that matter, the idea of owning and driving a golf cart is something I find rather appealing.

The only problem is that golf carts don't have a/c and in florida, that might be a problem!

Sissy said...

I am so going to be your neighbor in the Villages. Well, except then we wouldn't have to use the carts to get to each maybe I'll live a couple streets over.

Elizabeth said...

I think that A/C in a golf cart might be a bit of a waste being that it is open, but that's just me. ;)

Alison said...

Elizabeth, you're much too practical! Maybe by the time I'm retired I won't care about the status of my hair. That must be why old women chop all their hair off at a certain age?

Sissy--yes, we'll be buddies in The Villages. Does Charlie golf? We can shop for "cruise wear" and have lunch while the menfolk golf. But we're much to young to be even thinking about such things! ;)