Friday, July 23, 2010

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Man, oh man, I'm really on the verge of cracking. Not in an ape crazy kind of way, but more of a chocolate binging, iced coffee guzzling, retail therapy kind of way. Despite all of that, I'm trying a new approach to life: focusing on the positive. That's what normal people do, right?

This may come as a surprise to you, but I do not naturally exude positivity. While I'm generally a cheerful, good natured person, pessimism still abounds. One might say that I have a storm cloud permanently stationed above my head; much like Eeyore, my favorite A.A. Milne character. As often as I refer to myself as an Eeyore, I don't think I'm mopey or a downer, in an "oh bother" type of way. I think I'm just realistic.

Realistic and completely aware of the ironies of life.

If things are going well, then naturally (and consistent with the past events of my life), something craptastic is lurking around the corner.

Sometimes things are simply too good to be true. When the road is smooth and good things are within reach, a bump emerges from the asphalt, causing mayhem and hysteria to all who cross its path. Well, that may be a tad melodramatic. There isn't anything in my life that could be described as hysterical; mayhem doesn't rear its ugly head in my corner of suburbia all that often.

But with many things, there is good news and bad news with each situation. As I approach this new found positive stage in my life, I'm choosing whole heartedly to be encouraged by the good and not defeated by the bad.

Exhibit A: I'm pretty sure some hoodlum broke into Craig's car. Maybe it's the same hoodlum who took a key (or a rock?) to the side of Craig's car, leaving a very long and very deep scratch? The contents of his glove box were strewn about, as were all the CDs he had housed in the middle console. I do not like messy cars and therefore know that I was not responsible for the wreckage. This type of violation is obviously BAD. And the GOOD? Well, the good thing is that we don't have many valuables and those that we do have, are not kept inside Craig's car. Obviously the intruder was not interested in scratched CDs and receipts from various car repairs/oil changes. Nor was he/she smart enough to open the trunk and see the golf clubs back there. It's also quite nice that, while I left the car unlocked, I did not leave the keys in the ignition like I did once before.

See, that's a definite positive.

Exhibit B: my car battery died this morning = BAD. And the GOOD? Well, it died in my garage, instead of elsewhere, where we could have been left stranded. It's been so hot outside; being stranded with a dead battery in the blazing sun seems most unsatisfactory. Also, I'm a well documented, and highly proficient battery changer.

Yep, I've got skillz and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Exhibit C: I dumped a 32 oz cup of Diet Coke in Craig's car on the way home from the gym + running errands the afternoon. That's definitely BAD. I was really thirsty and I just really love Diet Coke. And the GOOD? Well, the good part is three fold: 1) I got the soda with a free coupon, so I didn't pay for the wasted Diet Coke, 2) it dumped on the passenger side floor and not all over my feet and 3) it happened in Craig's car and not mine.


How is it that it's easy to see the good when misfortune is bestowed upon someone other than myself?

I guess I can safely add self centered and self absorbed to my laundry list of character flaws. It's okay, though. Pessimistic, stubborn and control freak were getting lonely on that list. They need the company.


Carrie @ TV and Dinners said...

This post totally cracked me up. I think my outlook on life is not unlike your own.

Ali said...

I love the positivity - it's always easier for me to be pessimistic, but I am trying really hard to see the good side of things.

Mommy said...

It's all about the story--and the blog postings! Duh.

Auntie Peggy said...

That will teach you for drinking Diet Coke! Blah!!! Hee Hee Hee.....It's all about Iced Coffee - Yummmmmm.....