Friday, July 30, 2010

It's A Good Thing I Like Cucumbers

Caroline's friend's family is going on vacation for two weeks. They're budding home gardeners and had a plethora of cucumbers to pick and eat before they spoil. Unfortunately, you can't really bring zeppelin sized cucumbers on an airplane to Wisconsin, so they brought them to me instead.

They're HUGE!

I happen to enjoy the bounty of other people's summer time gardening labor and eagerly accepted the cucumbers (and two bell peppers).

I made a little cucumber salad for lunch with a vinaigrette and some feta cheese sprinkled on top.

It made me happy.

Really happy.

In other kitchen related news, we made biscotti for Caroline's international feast. Like I said yesterday, I cheated and used a cake mix recipe, but I'm unashamed.

They turned out just as nicely as the from scratch gingerbread biscotti I made around Christmas time. Well, except for the burnt ones.

We'll just pretend that part didn't happen. Okay?


Sissy said...

I hate cucumbers with a passion. Can't stand the taste or the smell. Ugh. And I don't like pickles, if you remember. So, I would not have accepted this gift!

Yes, I'm strange.

Alison said...

You're not strange, Craig doesn't like cucumbers, either. But, he does like pickles.

To me, cucumbers are one of the least offensive vegetables out there. They don't have a strong taste, but perhaps the seeds and the texture are unappealing to some.

I guess I won't give you a membership to the Pickle of the Month club for your birthday, like I had planned. :)