Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Plane Good Fun

I'm happy to report that Caroline and I had a safe and uneventful flight to Florida on Sunday. In my eyes, uneventful is how air travel ought to be.

Stripes was ready to go.

So was Caroline.

Waiting for our ride.

Our view from the terminal.

The Washington Monument (obvs) and the round dome is the Jefferson Memorial.

Iced coffee = sanity in a cup.

Can't travel without snacks.

Our ride.

I can't say that this plane's physical condition did anything to calm my pre-flight anxiety. I know new doesn't necessarily equal better, but doesn't this plane look a little past its prime? A wee bit old? It didn't look anything like the other US Air planes; later I found out that US Air bought PSA and our ride was one of their acquired planes.

Happy, but still old.

Air plane shenanigans.

Math from 35,000 feet in the air is extra fun.

Ack! Snake on a plane! You'll be happy to know that Stripes was very well behaved and didn't try to escape once.

We even got BIG cups, not those puny ones, and the whole can of Diet Coke.

North Carolina or South Carolina (?) coast line.

Clouds. A blanket of clouds below us.

Safely on the ground.

Wet, humid, sticky Florida.

I often joke that Florida has a certain, familiar scent to me. I can smell it immediately after deboarding the plane. This time we smelled Chinese food upon entering the terminal, but once we claimed our baggage and made it outside, it all came back to me.

Our flight arrived 25 minutes ahead of schedule, so we had to wait for our ride.

Caroline liked the smell of the inside of the baggage claim (?!), so she sat in there for awhile. It smelled like a hotel to us and that really made her happy.

Skipping along to pass the time.

Action shot

And, that's where I stopped taking pictures.


I'll have more soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it safely!

Sissy said...

I know what you mean about the Florida smell. But I'm glad that you are visiting the parents and I'm sure I will see some pictures from the neighborhood pool that I miss! Say hello to my mom's old condo, would you?

Fun things I miss from Inverness: Belks, Checker's french fries, a clean Wal-mart, the nice little Outback, and our very fondly remembered McDonald's. If you wouldn't mind taking some photos of my favorite places...something fun for you to do! LOL.

Alison said...

Thanks, Bexy!

Sissy, I've been taking pictures. I brought Caroline to our McDonalds. It's SO different, but really nice. It's still owned by J&J Enterprises!
I LOVE Checker's fries.

Yes, the Wal Mart is clean. We don't have Super WalMart in NoVa, so it's great to see one again.

I'm looking out the window and waving to your mom's old house right now!

Sissy said...

I can't wait to see our old stomping grounds! I'm wouldn't be surprised that they remodeled the McDonalds at all, since it was kind of old looking when we worked there. Remember all those birthday parties we did? Yikes. All that cake and candles! And our wonderful drive-thru? We had such fun.