Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hooray For Good Deals

School may not be starting for over 6 weeks, but we're in full-on back to school shopping mode. Actually, in the spirit transparency, I went to Kohls this morning in hopes of finding something for ME, but we ended up striking gold in the girl's section, instead.

Would you care to guess how much I paid for all of this?

Three pairs of comfy knit bermuda shorts

and three sequin embellished t-shirts

If you guessed .35 you'd be correct. Yep, I paid 35 cents for three complete outfits. Before you think I have some sort of voodoo shopping sense, I must admit that I had $35 in gift cards to use up. I had a $25 gift card that has been in my purse for quite a bit, but I also received a $10 card in the mail from Kohls last week. The $10 card expires today, so that is why we made a trip over there this morning. I sure am glad we did.

Each item retails for around $16, but were on sale for $5.39-$5.99.

We usually don't have much luck at Kohls because I find that their girls clothes are either tacky or way too grown up for an 8 year old. I need to have a talk with Caroline about fashion; she kept showing me acid wash pants and other 80s throwback clothing today. I nixed just about everything she showed me because it was all so very tacky.

Generally Caroline shows absolutely no interest in fashion, but for some reason, she was really digging the tacky, teeny bopper, nightmares of my youth, 80s stuff. We stuck with comfy clothes because they work best for PE, recess and her all around desire to climb trees, run like a maniac and roll in the mud.

Tight acid wash jeans and a ruffled, banded bottom shirt make tree climbing near impossible.

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Grandmama said...

Make her watch a What Not to Wear marathon and that'll cure her of 80s acid wash! That's one of Stacy and Clinton's Top Ten No Nos.