Sunday, November 28, 2010

Please Step Away From The Ribbon Aisle

If Michael's walls could talk, they would say, "Alison, step away from the ribbon aisle; you have enough" 

Clearly, the walls cannot talk.

Or I have simply chosen to ignore them.

It's hard to resist festive ribbon at 50% off.

It's Christmas Krafty time, after all.  And in my opinion, a craft isn't a craft unless ribbon is involved.

I'm bringing back an old favorite: homemade ornaments

Last year I used clear ornaments, shredded filler paper, sparkly letter stickers and ribbon until my heart was content

This year's ornaments look similar to last year's

except I'm not using stickers this time.

I'm keeping this year's version simpler, but still very much adorned in the ribbon department.  All of these  are going on a small tree I put in my dining room.  A tree which I'm officially naming "the tree of whimsy."  The ornaments will join some previously made cinnamon-applesauce ornaments on the tree to provide a whimsical touch to our Christmas decorations. 

I've unearthed most of my Christmas decorations from the dusty depths of our storage area and the majority of them are on display.  My monster tree is still in its box in the garage, which I'm dreading dragging up the stairs.  I love my big fake, pre lit tree, but it is a pain to set up and fluff out all the branches.  I'll get to it soon enough. 

But probably not today.
Craig and I are running 20 (!) miles this morning.  I highly doubt that by the time we're through running, showering, refueling and praying for physical healing, Christmas tree decorating will seem all that enjoyable.

I have a feeling that if I did attempt to trim the tree today, in my post long run fog, my beloved tree decorations would be replaced with Tylenol garland and ice cube ornaments.  



Run, Alison, run! said...

And I quote:
"I love my big fake, pre lit tree."
This coming from the keyboard of one of the two loudest complainers when I wanted to go fake.
Just making an observation.
Remember the scraggly scrub pine tree I got one year for $15 that was really ugly? I think that was our last fresh tree.
Dad wants to get a real (little) tree and decorate it.

Oh, sad news: George the Painter died. He'd been very sick for about a year with congestive heart failure.
We're going to his house today to clean stuff up for his sister who's in New York.
Happy running!
P.S. The Thanksgiving you were here when Dad's brother was here, we were supposed to eat with Aunt Pat at Vic's but she was sick.

Alison said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about George the Painter.

I know, I thought fake trees were blasphemous, but that pre-lit feature on fake trees has me all giddy. I sure do like the smell of fresh trees, though.

Okay, I have to get going. Those 20 miles won't run themselves. Although, I wish they would!

Anonymous said...

You are so creative. So now I want your camera, your creativity and your baking skills . . . yes, I still want to be you. Thanks for sharing all your good ideas with the world!


Jen :)

Alison said...

Thanks Jen.
Those ornaments are great because you can use whatever colors you like. Blue and silver. Green and Red. Even pink, if you're so inclined. If you personalize them with a monogram sticker, they make great little gifts or stocking stuffers, too.

Hilary said...

I love all the ribbon! You crack me up. I have a problem with scrapbook stickers in Michaels. I hope your 20 miles went fantastically this morning. Remember the foam roller is your best friend :)

Alison said...

I have a thing for scrapbook paper and I don't even scrapbook. It's good for so many other things.

The 20 miler went as well as it could, I suppose. The first 15 miles were really good then we addes a bit of walking, which was great to look forward to, but going from a run to a walk with that much lactic acid built up in your legs is painful. Oh, and then, with less than 2 miles left, we had to climb over a chain link fence because we ended up on the wrong part of the trail. Such excitement!

I have a foam roller. I shall use it now!