Monday, February 22, 2010

So, I Went to Target for Two Things and Came Home $50 Poorer

Sound familiar?

You go into a store for TWO things (two of the same thing, not even two different items), and come out with two bags full of stuff.

Somewhere Mr. Target is laughing his rich little head off. I fell into his sneaky retail trap and wholeheartedly admit defeat.

After our trip to Krispy Kreme, we went to Target for Emergen-C, per Craig's request.
Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, my two boxes of Emergen-C turned into this:

And this:

And, last but not least, this:

The clearance rack got me. It gets me every time. EVERY. TIME.
On the bright side, I bought nine shirts for Caroline and me for a total of $22.95. Of course my four shirts cost $20 and Caroline's future Valentine's shirts cost $2.95 for all five.

The sign said 75% off, but they were actually 90% off. SCORE. There weren't many left in or around her size, so I bought the next size up. Those should fit next year and *possibly* the year after. A girl can never have too many Valentine's shirts, you know. And for .59, it would be practically sinful (on a Sunday, no less!) to leave them on the shelf.

I'm about to make a confession.

A Target clearance confession.

Just look at the pile of clothing I have on standby for Caroline.

Do you think I have a problem?
Wait, don't answer that.

Tank tops.

Christmas shirts.

Valentine's shirts.

Long sleeved plain shirts.

Easter/spring shirts and other short sleeved shirts.

Can you blame me?

Oh, how my heart sings when my eyes spot those little red clearance stickers.
When I find clothes with these prices, I HAVE to snatch them up.

It's my duty.


Sissy said...

I stayed away from blogs mostly sat and sun and missed three posts? Would you like to write one for me? I am brain dead with ideas right now.

I am proud of your clearance shopping. If I had a child I would be doing the same thing, stockpiling. I guess I kind of am, since people keep giving me baby clothes! You saw the nursery. It is full.

Dunkin Donuts all the way, even though here in NC, it's really Krispy Kreme territory.

Talk to you soon!

Retta said...

Target ALWAYS suckers me in - especially those clearance racks!! I scored some post V-day duds for myself for $1.50 each. YAY! Target all the way for our family!

Alison said...

Hi Retta, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to find more Target kindred spirits. My husband and I would love for him to be stationed in Hawaii again, but the only thing holding me back is that there aren't any Targets! Atleast there weren't when we lived there before. No Target for 3 years would be the ultimate sacrifice.

Sissy--I always stockpile clothes from the clearance racks, then fill in the gaps with regular priced (gasp!) items. It's easy when they're little, but it has gotten more challenging as Caroline has grown. Thankfully, she's not picky and will wear whatever is in her closet.
Sorry you're bloggy brain dead. That happens to me often. And you have a much more exciting life than me, with a job and friends and frequent evening activities. Given the state of my social life, it's amazing I come up with anything to blog about. Perhaps that's why the last three posts have been on shopping, doughnuts and loose teeth.