Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sheet Shopping Update

You may not remember, but last month I was on a sheet shopping mission. My, what a lengthy mission it turned out to be.

I was intrigued by the idea of crisp, white sheets, but felt a certain amount of trepidation that white wouldn't hold up well to our slovenly ways. Despite my reservations, I took the proverbial leap of faith; after an insanely embarrassing amount of thought, deliberation and online perusal, I'm now the proud owner of white bed sheets. I think the employees at HomeGoods started to become suspicious of me after my multiple trips to the bedding section of the store. Because, really? How long does it take for one person to choose bed sheets. Ha! If they only knew.

Believe me, I'm somewhat ashamed by how long it took me to make a decision. But, that's all in the past. It's time to move on and enjoy our new, soft, Egyptian cotton sheets.

So far, I'm happy with the purchase, but only time will tell. I did however, buy some colored pillowcases for the pillows we actually lay our heads on.

This was a preemptive move, but let's be real for a moment....white pillow cases + any leftover mascara residue + dirty kid who insists upon getting in my bed = problem.

In other news, we get to meet Caroline's teacher today at Open House. It's hard to believe the summer is almost over; heck, it's hard to believe it's already the second day of September. As expected, I'm thrilled that school starts on Tuesday, but I'm also a little sad that Caroline is growing up so quickly. The first and last days of school are always bittersweet.
There's no use dwelling on that now. Besides, I'll just worry about the bitter parts AFTER I'm through relishing the sweetness of the first day of school. I'll be too busy doing cartwheels through the streets on Tuesday morning, anyway.

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yo mama said...

I fondly remember first days of school when I'd eat ice cream for breakfast, try on all your new clothes and jump on your bed.