Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toe Socks and a Basket Full of Gourds

So long summer (and my wreath which has been faded by the afternoon sun).

Good bye cool green,

and hello red, brown and orange.

Welcome pumpkins,

changing leaves,

warm colors,

and a basket full of gourds.

Hooray, fall is officially here. Despite our warm temperatures, it's still a happy day. As if it needs to be said, I really love fall.

In other news, I wore my funky new toe socks this morning.

They're funny looking, for sure, but they're supposed to help prevent blisters caused by toes rubbing together.

I like my pink socks, and they are quite comfortable, but what do you think about these?


I'm not sure I have enough courage to wear those socks. They kind of remind me of being in fifth grade and participating in a "dress like Punky Brewster" day.

Maybe I'll buy the striped socks for Craig, instead. I think he's quite capable of pulling that look off. Besides, take a look at his polo shirt collection; it's pretty safe to assume that he likes stripes.


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