Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cocktail Hour

Betcha didn't know I bring out the good stuff every afternoon. Well, as long as you consider decaf iced green tea sweetened with stevia to be the "good" stuff.

I brew the tea double strength (hello, antioxidants) and the color does resemble beer. I used to think green tea tasted like dirt, but I've grown to appreciate it a little more. It's still a bit earthy, but its health benefits are too good to pass up. I'm always looking for a way to negate the less than healthy things I put in my body (ahem, diet soda), so I drink green tea just about every afternoon. Since I've never been a beer drinker (or any alcohol for that matter), this is as close to cocktail time as I'll ever get.

It's been a slow news day around here. Slow is good. Slow is quiet. In fact, it was so quiet this afternoon that I laid down on the living room floor and started to drift off to sleep. Thankfully I woke in time to pick Caroline up from school. She generally frowns upon being stood up after school.

In other news, our anniversary ended up being uneventful, yet enjoyable all the same. Which basically means that we did not argue about something ridiculous which would inevitably cause me to huff and puff and have a bad attitude. To "celebrate" the three of us went out to dinner and then I went to Back to School Night at Caroline's school, while Craig and Caroline stayed home. Simply magical, eh? Some might think it's odd that we brought our kid out to dinner with us on our anniversary, but, we've never claimed to be conventional. We almost never go out to restaurants where you don't order at the counter, so it's hard to leave her out of the fun. Besides, Caroline is a surprisingly good dinner companion. AND she encouraged us to order a side of french fries, which proved to be a very wise decision. They were SO good; hot, crispy, salty. Since Craig and I hardly ever eat fries, it was a nice treat.

Craig left this morning on a very long drive to Florida to visit with family. He doesn't mind long car trips, which is good, because he is driving somewhere near 825 miles today. It gets boring, I'm sure, but he did rent a car that came equipped with satellite radio, so that should be helpful in keeping him occupied. Let's face it, 1-95 isn't exactly the most scenic stretch of road.

Blah. I'm really grasping for something to write. I initially didn't feel like blogging anything today, but I figured you simply couldn't live another day not knowing that my green tea looks like beer. For it is my job, as an unpaid, amateur, hack of a blogger to share with you every facet of my unfortunately uninteresting life.

I'm here to serve you.


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