Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Final Countdown

New school clothes?


School supplies?


New shoes?

Thanks to BOGO, check, check.

Met the teacher?


Back to school hair cut?


It was time to hack off the ends of Caroline's hair. A summer spent swimming is great for the body but horrible for your hair. The chlorine did quite a number on Caroline's locks, rendering them the texture of straw. It was time to cut the dead ends and start school with a shiny, healthy new hair do.

My camera does not like taking indoor pictures.

So, once I got Miss Social Butterfly off the phone,

We went outside into the blinding sun.

I personally LOVE Caroline's hair on the shorter side. It's a spunky cut for a spunky kid. However, longer hair is easier to keep out of her face. Last year we had it cut before school and let it grow out throughout the year, that way it was long enough for a pony tail when the weather got warm again. Chances are we'll do the same thing again.

As always, we capped off our hair beautification session with a trip to Starbucks. It's right next door to the hair place and since we went to Starbucks after her first hair cut here, it has become some sort of tradition.

Far be it from me to eschew any tradition that involves iced coffee.

In other news, it's a gorgeous day in Northern Virginia. It's breezy, sunny and the temperature is quite mild. I think Hurricane Earl had something to do with that. Many thanks to Earl. I'm sure those on the coast might not have the same affection for Earl, but it's been SO hot lately. This 80 degree day is such a nice change for us.
Never fear, the temps will rise again, just in time for soccer practice to start. School starts Tuesday, soccer practice is on Wednesday and the first game is next Saturday. Talk about piling it all on at once!

Before the big hair cut, I went to the gym this morning and did Body Attack. I love that class, but once Craig left, I put it on the back burner because I felt a little guilty dragging Caroline to the gym at 8am on a Saturday morning. I had a great workout but I got some new shoes this week and they hurt like crazy. I would have enjoyed it more if my feet hadn't been so sore. Guess it's back to the running store next week.
Craig went to Maryland to visit a friend and watch the University of Florida football game. We would have tagged along, but Craig's friend doesn't have any kids and Caroline would have been bored to pieces. They have a Wii, but Caroline doesn't like to play alone and I hate playing; it wouldn't have gone well.

We're planning a trip to DC tomorrow; hopefully my camera will cooperate and I'll come back with some fun pictures to share.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


CK's grandma said...

love the new school 'do! Don't be TOO excited to get rid of the kid tomorrow.

Alison said...

Yes, I don't want to pull a hamstring muscle while celebrating excessively. I'll keep it low key.