Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I have lots of little things to say today. Random stuff. Pointless stuff. Whiny stuff.
You know, the usual.
  • My very generous neighbor invited Caroline to join her family at King's Dominion, an amusement/water park, today. Thank you, Marcey! Caroline is excited to finally ride some big rides; I'm a well documented, loud and proud chicken of the highest order and do not like thrill rides. Today, Caroline has thrill ride enthusiasts in her midst, which works for everyone. Hopefully she doesn't turn out to be a big chicken like her old mom.
  • The FiOS man came at 10am. I'm so glad I didn't have to wait around all day. Since it takes 4-6 hours, it would have stunk mightily if he didn't come until 2pm. Our FiOS is installed and seems to be running smoothly. The only problem I had was trying to create my voice mail account on my home phone. That took a lot longer than I'm willing to admit. Seriously. I was stumped. Kind of pathetic, eh? I still have not cancelled my other cable service. I'll do it tomorrow. I HAVE to. Tomorrow I'll be brave.
  • I had to buy a new alarm clock today. I need a battery operated clock because the electrical outlet I previously used for our current clock is now reserved for a new cable box that came with our FiOS order. The clock I bought is cute and battery operated BUT the numbers don't illuminate. I like to see the time from across the room and you can't see the time on a non-illuminated clock in the dark. Alarm clock: FAIL. I'd return it, but I destroyed the box and it was only $6. It may come in handy in some other application. You never know, I might come into the possession of night vision goggles or something. It could happen.
  • I've been on a bed sheet finding mission. We need new sheets desperately. I'm tempted to buy white sheets because I'm really digging the crisp, clean look right now, but I'm fearful that white sheets won't stand a chance against our slovenly ways. Well, not MY slovenly ways, as I do not have any, but the slovenly ways of my roommates. Especially that child of mine who loves to eat breakfast in my bed. I already have imparted strict "no body part" limitations on my decorator pillows; perhaps a "no eating and/or other potentially messy behaviors allowed on my bed" rule is necessary. I think I've 98% decided on white, with some extra pillowcases in a non-white color. I'm embarrassed to admit how much time I've spent searching for the perfect sheet set. Between the Internet searches and the perusal of the linen aisles in several different stores, I've spent a LOT of time searching, debating and comparing the price/thread count/color/wrinkle factor of sheets. I need a hobby. Or a job.

  • I guess that's all I have to say. I suppose bringing out the bullet point list wasn't exactly necessary, but my thoughts and words are rather disjointed this evening. In my opinion, the bullet point list makes disjointed thoughts perfectly acceptable. And I'm all about acceptance.


NK said...

My last sheet set (and, alas, I think my last white ones as long as Dad takes a blood thinner) I got at Home Goods. "Hotel" sheets, but I'm not sure if that was the brand name. Probably not.
I prefer buying separates, with a king top sheet, but it's hard to find non-sets anymore.

I feel your sheetly anguish.

Bexy said...

lol... I am the same way with the decorator pillows... No body parts!!! Too hard to clean them if they get icky!

Alison said...

I learned the no body parts rule from my mom. I have one lovely silk pillow that my greasy fingered child ruined. Generally she's a rule follower, but not where pillows/comforters/sheets are concerned.
She has no respect for linens!

Sissy said...

TJ Maxx/Homegoods is what I was going to say. It's my favorite place to buy sheets. I am not a fan of white sheets either, but found this great beige white swirly design set that I love and was something like 500 thread count. They are awesome and don't look dirty with our slovenly ways, either! LOL. My throw pillows on my couch are NOT food pillows, with the exception of two that were yard sale finds and are some kind of fake velvet that is totally cleanable. I use them all the time to balance my plate...but not my other ones. You know my story about Charlie and my silk pillow, so I need not tell it again.