Friday, September 10, 2010

So Long Summer Bounty

I'm not a big fan of summer and NOT just because when school is out Caroline and her friends camp out here, make a mess and eat all my food. I honestly dislike summer because, as much as I adore sweating inside the gym, I'm not as enthused about non-gym, summertime sweating. I don't know about where you live, but it was pretty hot here this summer. I intensely dislike breaking a sweat while walking from my car to the store and back. Or to the mailbox and back. There's nothing worse than entering a hot steamy car that has been baking in the heat of a parking lot. Now that school is back in session and the air feels the slightest bit cooler, I'm ready to kiss summer good bye.

I may not miss the 90 degree days, but I sure will miss summer produce. Sweating is unpleasant, but ripe berries make summer much more tolerable.

Those are old pictures I took with my now deceased pink Canon. After my camera melt down the other day, I've been tinkering with my new camera and trying to find the right settings to make my pictures crisper and prettier.
Before I even started fussing with the ISO speed, I went searching my house for the best sources of natural light.

Good natural light is virtually non existent in my house, but I discovered that the front entry way offers copious amounts of light. I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise because the front of our house bakes in the mid-day sun. Seriously, the door knob is often too hot to handle around noon time. And we won't even begin to discuss the sad shape our sun scorched plants are in.

Anyway, taking pictures of green beans on the floor of my front entry way may be a bit unorthodox, but, well....I've never claimed to be normal.

The pictures are getting better, but I still have plenty of room to improve. I guess this is where being stubborn is a good thing....I will win, Nikon Cool Pix, I. WILL. WIN.

Our guest room also receives a good amount of light, but I didn't want to bring food up there. So, I'll take food pictures on the dirty floor of our entry way, but I won't traipse up the stairs, with green beans in hand, to take advantage of our guest room lighting. Hmmm.

The guest room may be out, but our deck offers a fair amount of sunshine as well.

I will definitely miss summer fruits and vegetables, but I suppose I could just start looking forward to the bounty fall has to offer. Apples, pumpkin, butternut squash.

It's almost time to pull out the cinnamon scented candles and prepare to bake some fall inspired goodies. I'll miss watermelon, fresh green beans and peaches, but I suppose crisp, juicy apples, pumpkin bread and maple roasted butternut squash offer a fair (and tasty) replacement.


Squashed in FL said...

I bought a bag of frozen butternut squash chunks but don't know what to do with them. What say ye?

Alison said...

You know, because it's a frozen product and the squash will have all that water in it once it's thawed, I'd probably cook it and then mash with some butter and brown sugar or maple syrup. OR both! Oooh. Mashed bnut squash is GOOD.
You also might be able to roast it from the frozen state. I've done that with frozen broccoli before. But, if I were you, I'd mash it.