Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nobody Cried

And by nobody, I mean me.

Nobody got mad and threw a fit, either.  Again, by nobody, I mean me.

For the first time in the 15 years Craig and I have known each other, we ran together this morning.  Of course, for the first 13 or so years we've known each other, I had ZERO interest in running at all.  So it's not like we've been waiting and waiting for this very moment.  It just so happens that a.) we're training for a marathon  and b.) Caroline was at a sleepover birthday party this morning.  The stars finally aligned.

The run went surprisingly well; as well as running eight miles could possibly go.   I kept up with Craig's pacing and I didn't hate it.  Of course, it helps that we had some pretty great scenery to distract me from any misery.  We parked next to Ronald Reagan Airport, saw several planes take off right above our heads, and then proceeded to run across the Potomac River and into the National Mall area.  Seeing the Washington Monument on a quiet Sunday morning with nary a spectator nearby was simply breathtaking.

If you can believe me, we actually had a good time running together.  Not everyone thinks rising at 5:45 am on a Sunday to prepare to run many miles as the sun rises is "fun" but Craig and I are admittedly odd.  I'm sure watching the sunrise on a park bench, with a caramel macchiato in hand, would be considered far more enjoyable then running in the rain and, not to mention, having to use a porta potty (blech!), but we have to use (and abuse) our bodies while we still can.  We can sit on a park bench when we're ready to exchange our running shoes for sensible walking shoes.

Anyway, while Craig and I were sweating and spending the afternoon watching football and resting our legs, Caroline was in birthday party mode.  She ate pizza and cake twice this weekend AND had doughnuts for breakfast this morning.  I'm trying, rather unsuccessfully, to get her back into school mode again, but she's outside, using up what is left of the increasingly shorter daylight hours, to roller skate. 

It's back to the daily grind tomorrow.

I hope you all have had nice weekends, as well.


Sissy said...

Ooooh, pizza sounds good. And yes, that's all I took from this post.

Alison said...

Pizza does sound good. :)