Sunday, September 12, 2010

Drizzly 10K

Craig participated in a 10k race this morning. This overcast, grey, drizzly morning.
Obviously, these were not ideal racing conditions, but thankfully the heavier early morning rain stopped, providing the racers with a bit of a reprieve. The weather was beautifully sunny and mild all week long and will also be that way next week, but not today. I'm sure the race coordinators were just cursing the weather gods for their unfortunate luck.

Despite the rain, plenty of people showed up to run. As usual, Caroline and I donned our running cheerleader hats and waited on the side lines for Craig to finish the race. And, of course, in my typical air headed fashion, I forgot the camera. We flew out the door this morning and I just didn't remember to grab it. It was kind of gross outside anyway, so I suppose you're not missing much.

After we sent the runners off on their 6.2 mile trek, Caroline participated in a 1 mile fun run. She started out fast, but ran out of steam a bit too early. She finished strong, however, and had a good time. I guess that's all that matters.

Craig, my aging (ooh, so cold!), yet increasingly speedy husband did quite well. He ran the 10k in just under 40 minutes, coming in 7th overall. I'd like to go on record saying that I'm pretty sure Craig ran so fast because I made demanded encouraged him to shave off the post-deployment, 30 days of leave, beard he was growing with the sole purpose of annoying me. Less wind resistance, right? Anyway, the winner, some spindly college kid ran the race in around 32 minutes. Ugh. How is it even possible for bodies to move that quickly?! I suppose I'll never really know because my own body is completely incapable of moving with such speediness.

I'm the tortoise. Slow and steady.

Anyway, the race was a lot of fun and I'm glad Craig had the opportunity to participate. While at the event, I ran into several people I know from my gym and they asked why I wasn't running, since they always see me running at the gym. I would have raced, but that kid of ours just cramps my style. When she's older and capable of staying home alone, I'll race more. Until then, we'll be the cheerleaders and absent minded, incompetent photographers.

It's a pretty dreary day, but I don't mind much at all. In fact, I'm using this time to do some baking for Craig's co workers. They've missed me and I need to treat them right. I think cream cheese swirl Heath bar brownies and browned butterscotch blondies will do the trick.

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