Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Argh, I'm so frustrated right now.

Actually, up until now, I've had quite a nice day. After the gym I had lunch with some gym friends to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby boy. It was a fun time and something I hardly get to do. So naturally, you would think I was in a good mood.

Well, I WAS in a good mood. That is, until I got home and sat down to blog. I'm SO frustrated with my new camera. I have a few things to blog about, but the accompanying pictures look like garbage. I really should have bought another Canon Power Shot. This Nikon CoolPix is awful. Pictures taken outside are decent, but most anything indoors is grainy and unfocused. The pictures just aren't crisp enough.

I even took my picture subjects outside to take advantage of the natural light, but then the mid day shadows caused a whole new set of problems. I'll figure it out; it's just a temperamental camera. Diva.

But for now, until I figure out how to coddle the stupid thing and coax it into complying, I'll just continue being annoyed. I'm annoyed because what I had to blog about would be better with pictures. Everything is better with pictures, no? Most things, anyway.

So, instead, I'll just whine. I certainly don't need pictures to whine; whining is an innate quality; one I've mastered with ease.

Caroline's first day of third grade went off without a hitch. Well, except for the fact that she came home with a copy of the school supply list with "yellow plastic folder with pockets and prongs" highlighted. Evidently, I failed to purchase said folder. I bought the red, green, blue and two orange folders they requested, but managed to overlook the yellow one on the list. So, I had to go buy one yesterday afternoon. I had a heck of a time trying to find a plastic folder; all they had left in the picked over school supply aisle were the less sturdy, non plastic kind. I almost bought the flimsy one because I didn't really want to drive all over town searching for a stupid folder, but thankfully I ran into another mom from school and she found one for me. Jessica, my savior.

Caroline went to school with the missing folder and hopefully all will be right in the third grade. Oh, one other funny thing...after school yesterday, Caroline said they learned about fiction. So I said "what is fiction?" She answered correctly and then said that she thought her teacher said friction at first so in class she said aloud what friction was, not fiction! Oopsie. Evidently the friction lesson we learned at the National Air and Space Museum last weekend made an impact on her.

Anyway, it's about time to collect Caroline from school; hopefully she'll have more fun third grade tales to share. Tonight is her first soccer practice and she's appropriately thrilled. She didn't get assigned to the same team her two friends, Bailey and Rachel, are on but they play each other in the first game on Saturday. Now that should be fun.



Camera Critique-er said...

I hate to rub salt in your whiny wound, but I like your other camera much better. You got the big bucks--buy one!
Someone Not Too Helpful

Alison said...

Big bucks? Ha! I used my last coupla bucks to give Caroline for lunch tomorrow (it's spaghetti day). I know I should spring for the big guy, but that's a huge $$$ step. Ugh, I should have bought another PowerShot, but I was afraid I'd have the same lens issue.
I am not happy. They pictures are *okay* outside. How can there be so much discrepancy between two similarly priced, similiarly built cameras? I didn't think I could go wrong with a Nikon. Guess I thought wrong. Hrmph.

Sissy said...

It's taken me a while to get to know my Nikon. I had to find the manual and make sure I was using the right setting. Although, I don't know much about the CoolPix model at all. You shoulda gone for the DSLR that you really wanted, even if you had to find a used one like I did from Craigslist. Although, I know that money certainly makes a difference.

I will say that indoors pictures are always hard to take, unless you are standing right next to the window if you don't want a flash.

Alison said...

I'll get the DSLR eventually; but I really want both. Point and shoot cameras are much more compact and convenient for certain occasions. What I've discovered with this camera is that I'm better off outdoors. Indoor pictures are just grainy and unfocused. Not always, but I find I have to make MANY attempts to get a clear picture. I'm going to tinker with the ISO setting tomorrow when I have some daylight to work with. Evidently the lower ISO offers a less grainy picture, but if you're indoors you need a higher ISO to let in more light. With the exception of my guest bedroom, my house just doesn't get a whole lot of natural light.
I'll fiddle with it tomorrow. Like I said, I WILL get a DSLR, but I want this point and shoot to work for me, too. Why can't we have it all! ;)

joshkc said...

Ok. That's the camera I just bought. I did notice a haze to my outside pics and haven't taken any indoor pics, yet. I need to read the manual and check the settings. have fun w/ it and say hi to Craig and Caroline.

Alp Onaran said...

I wish you a wonderful day.
Thank you.