Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Airport Hijinks

The world is Caroline's playground. Or so she thinks. And behaves.

For a curious kid like Caroline, the world was made so she can climb on it, run through it and, in many cases, sprinkle dirt upon it.

She likes airports. Empty airport waiting areas are great for running through. The moving walkways are fun, especially if you're travelling backwards, or sideways, or in many cases, right in front of a hurried traveler, who really isn't interested in having a crazy 8 year old impeding their traveling experience.

From the time she repeatedly ran onto the slick bowling alley floor at 20 months old,, I knew I was in deep trouble.

Always pushing limits.

And reaching for things she ought not touch.

Running madly, without care.

We arrived at the airport a little too early, so we had some time to kill waiting for Craig's flight.

Something tells me Caroline didn't seem to mind at all.

I finally made her sit.

But believe me when I say that didn't last long.

We were so excited to see Craig again after nearly 7 months away. I wish I had some better pictures of his arrival, but my camera freaked out and the ones I managed to take came out fuzzy. From far away, I hardly recognized Craig. The deployment diet worked and he's quite skinny now. I told him he needed a sandwich, but actually, he looks really good, if not a little pale; that's what wearing long sleeves and long pants for so long will do to you. Craig is part Cherokee and tans really easily, which coupled with my Italian heritage, explains our Coppertone Caroline.

So after we saw him, we waited for his baggage and we even made him carry his own duffel bag and back pack because that's just how nice we are.

After a short trip home, we were greeted with some cute notes, made by Caroline's friends.

And the best part?

Presents, of course!

Meet Camo, the camouflaged (and hairy!) camel.

an appropriate present upon returning home from Afghanistan, don't you think?
Craig started 30 days of (well deserved) leave today. Hopefully we won't kill each other by the end.

Only time will tell.

I'll be sure to keep you posted. :)

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