Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Trouble With Being Even

I like things to be even; I appreciate symmetry; I adore balance.    I don't like the ends of a loaf of banana bread to be uneven nor do I like it when we have an odd number of graham crackers left in the package.  Now, I admit that  I use those last two examples as excuses to snack more, you know to even out a crooked edge or insure that each graham cracker has a mate.  No one likes crooked banana bread edges.  Right? 
Anyway, the trouble with liking things to be even is that when they're not even, you might tend to fixate on the unevenness.  What?  You don't?  Well, then, *I* tend to fixate on the unevenness.  But I'm sure that doesn't really surprise any of you.

I have a big fluffy pillow.  It's deep, thick, smushy, feather filled and quite comfortable.  Craig, on the other hand, prefers a thinner, sturdier, less fluffy pillow; my pillow is at least twice the thickness of his.  Not that there is anything wrong with that; we're all different creatures and therefore it's natural for us to all prefer a different kind of pillow.  Except, however, when the thin pillow messes with the whole aesthetic look (and balance) of your bed.  The pillows on my side are much more expansive than those on Craig's side because of his preference for a thin pillow.  This has bugged me for years, but there really isn't much I can do about it.  I mean, I can't make the guy use a pillow he finds uncomfortable just because his thin pillow is messing with the perfectly proportionate pillow utopia I so often strive to achieve.  That would be wrong.  I may like to have things my way, but I'm certainly not a diva about it.

Craig came home from Florida yesterday and after a night of sleep in our bed, reunited with his own pillow, he told me this morning that he no longer likes his pillow.   I was obviously thrilled...not because he was uncomfortable with his current pillow situation...but because that meant we could get a new pillow. A fluffier, thicker pillow that would help to even out our unbalanced, and slightly disturbing,  and highly disproportionate pillow issues.

We went to Target today and I'm happy to report that Craig is now the proud owner of a new pillow.  Well, he may or may not be proud; I didn't ask him his exact feelings on the situation, so I can't be certain. However, considering his general ambivalence towards things of a decorative nature, I'm guessing proud is not the correct word to use.  Anyway, Craig's new pillow is considerably thicker than his previous pillow, thereby rectifying our lop-sided pillow situation.

I'm obviously thrilled about this.  And you're probably rolling your eyes.  But that is okay with me, for I have no shame.   

That's right, I have no shame BUT I have even pillows.



Um. Um. I'm running out of names said...

I am so pleased with your pillow evenness sitch. But I'm surprised that you missed the obvious remedy, to wit, keep your sleeping pillows in the closet and have even-steven pillows on your bed during the day. Have you learned nothing from your mother?!
But thank you for allowing me to use the phrase "to wit."
That makes me happy.

Alison said...

Well, why didn't I know about this trick? It's brilliant. Maybe I did know, but forgot? You're a genius.

Sissy said...

Charlie and I have the same problem, but when I stack the pillows up, I have an extra one that I put on his side to balance it out. He just tosses it back at me each night.

To wit, this is how I solved my problem. LOL.