Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, I did it.

Yesterday I did what I've been putting off for way too long; I officially registered for the Disney World Marathon.

Right now, I'm feeling excited, overwhelmed and a wee bit nauseous. My next step is to visit the psychiatrist, because clearly I'm not of sound mind. I'm also thinking of putting a divorce lawyer on retainer because I think this is all Craig's fault.

How dare he encourage me. How dare he support me as I challenge myself both physically and mentally.

We're both signed up for the race and I look forward to being dragged running across the finish line with Craig. But before I jump ahead to January, I have some serious training to do.


Training is the hard part. The actual race won't be a piece of cake, but with all the hoopla and adrenaline on race day, I hope it'll be enjoyable (if that's possible?). And the training? Well, running 14, 16, 18, 20 mile long runs seem daunting and a wee bit unattainable.

Craig seems to have faith in my ability; maybe some day I'll believe it too.

Our hotel reservations are complete; we have plane tickets, too. My credit card LOVES me right now. Racing isn't cheap, but I'm hopeful that the joy of the experience will more than make up for the amount of money I just sunk into this race.

Hopefully this sick, what-have-I-done feeling, I have in the pit of my stomach will subside soon. I don't know training started today and I already have a boo boo on my toe.

Note to self: after January 9th, find a new hobby.


Sissy said...

OMG. If our high school PE coach could see you now....

Alison said...

Ha! I think I only did the one required semester of PE. Running the mile after lunch in the Florida sun was TORTURE. I remember going to English (Mrs. Esler?) sweating buckets. And we can't forget the famous locker spat between you and Tracie.

Ha! Good times.