Thursday, June 24, 2010

School's Out For......Waaaaah!

No more pencils.

And because we're talking about 2nd graders, no more crayons, either.

Not even the metallic crayons we got at the Crayola Factory.

Speaking of crayons, this is my favorite color to use: dandelion, or as I like to call it "Big Bird Yellow."

No more books.

Well, not exactly. Books are entirely appropriate all year round. Especially this workbook I picked up the other day. I'm bound and determined to make sure Caroline completes this thing. There are 60 activities. One a day. We WILL do this. We don't want Caroline to get all stupid, after all!

No more.......waaaaaahhhh!
Sorry, I couldn't complete my thought. I'm too busy wallowing. And wiping tears off of my keyboard.

On the bright side, it's time to retire this lunch bag.

After a year of loud lunchtime antics, sticky spilled yogurt and leaky containers of fruit, I'm pretty sure the monkey is happy for the reprieve. Now he can eat his banana in peace.

Another good thing is that I won't have to see this after school each day.

This is actually a pretty tame backpack explosion. Sometimes the contents of Caroline's backpack span from one side of the living room to the other. Her habit of spewing her take home papers across the room kind of reminds me of our days in Hawaii where, upon returning from work, Craig would lay his uniform on our sparse living room floor. He'd spread the uniform all out, placing his boots at one end and arranging his watch, hat, badge and spare change all around it.

Not too surprisingly, I didn't find this amusing at all.

So, the backpack will be put away, but Caroline will most likely leave other presents on the floor for me to stumble over.

And, the chances are also pretty good that something like this will happen again.

She does look pretty happy, though.

Happy for Caroline. Bummed for me.

Now, if you'll please excuse me, I'm off to drown my sorrows in iced coffee and grocery shop, without a disgruntled side kick, for the last time.

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