Friday, June 18, 2010

Picture Fail

So, when your kid is one of the tallest in her class....and in the second grade, for that matter, it's hard to get decent pictures during an event. Not that I have any personal experience with this, but, as you know, the tall kids stand in the back. I am not tall, never have been tall and never will be tall, so I'm pretty sure I was front and center for all of my grade school productions.

Yesterday I attended Caroline's music open house, with hopes that I'd snap a few pictures of the big event. I'm not sure what possessed me to remain so hopeful, because I knew in my heart that she'd be in the back row. And in the back row, she was. It's hard to get pictures of the poor towering giants in the back row.

I tried. And I failed.

I did get *some* pictures, but most were action shots that ended up blurry....or they included the faces of Caroline's classmates. I like Caroline's classmates quite a bit, but I do not feel comfortable putting their faces on the Internet without permission.


Caroline wore green and thanks to the sun, her hair is looking lightened, highlighted and rather lovely. I always tell her that grown women pay big money for the blond highlights her hair receives free of charge from the sun.

The kids sang patriotic songs, then moved on to international dancing. We had a Russian dance, an Irish dance and a good old American line dance. They finished with a lovely rendition of Rockin' Robin.

2nd graders aren't very coordinated. Nor do they recognize the beat of the music. However, that is what makes listening to kids sing and watching them dance so entertaining. VERY entertaining. Ever seen 8 year olds line dance? You should. It'll make your day.

If I was a REALLY good mom, I would own a video camera to capture all of my only child's memorable moments. But, I recognize my limits and right now, the regular camera is just about all that I can feasibly handle. Poor Caroline, she'll never have any of her youth documented on film. I suppose it's okay, considering that my parents didn't own a video camera and I turned out just fine!


Actually, I never did anything that interesting or worthy of video documentation. As I told my neighbor yesterday, I excel at mediocrity. Her daughter, who usually gets whatever she puts her mind to, was passed over for Safety Patrol Officer and was in quite a funk yesterday after school. The good thing about being mediocre is that you never put yourself in the position to be turned down. If you don't try, there is no possible way you can be rejected.

And that, my friends, is why I'll never be a school counselor.

I had quite a busy day today and feel like this is the first time I've been able to sit down all day. Actually, I'm laying on my stomach on my bedroom floor, but you get the idea. Hopefully the rest of the evening will remain uneventful; tomorrow will be busy with the soccer tournament Caroline is playing in.

I bought half time and post game snacks and drinks today, plus lots of extra ice and Gatorade. It's going to be really hot tomorrow and Sunday, so we need to stay hydrated. The girls play two games each day at a field about 15 miles away. Unfortunately there is a pretty big time gap between each game, so I think we'll have to come home between matches. It's way too hot to stay outside for that long and I don't want to get cranky.

I have a feeling that by the end of the two day tournament, with all the driving to and from and not to mention, the horrible heat, I'm going to need something a little stronger than Gatorade to dull the pain.

In fact, Sunday might be the perfect day for me to finally start drinking.



Sissy said...

How you can type laying on the floor is beyond me?!

I was always in the back. I think you know why.

Oh, and Miss Honor Roll in high school and Miss McDonald's employee of the month...stand up and be proud!

Alison said...

My typing on the floor skills is a gift! Until my elbows start to hurt and then I have to sit up.

I forgot about employee of the month! That's when we got free food for a month and I think I ate McChicken sandwiches every day. That probably wasn't a good idea. ;)