Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lunch Date

I had a lunch date today. My date, a well known cheapskate, conned me into lunch and a movie, and never once offered to pay. Even though I know for a fact that she has a drawer full of money that sits virtually untouched. She has more money than me, and yet, *I* still had to pay for lunch.

She has an uncanny knack for getting just what she wants.

The only thing I had planned for today was to get two birthday presents for two parties Caroline is invited to this week. A trip to Toys R Us turned into a stop at the movies to see Marmaduke and then, well, it turned to a lunch date, as well. You can't go to the movies hungry, right? Well, you could, but then you might be inclined to eat movie popcorn. I don't like movie popcorn; it gives me a stomach ache. Candy at the movies is certainly acceptable, but I don't think I'll ever buy popcorn, nachos, a hot dog or Spam musubi at the movies. Spam musubi?!? Oh yes. In Hawaii, this delicacy (spam, nori and sushi rice) is served at the movies.

Hawaii is a quirky kind of place.

Anyway, since Caroline already weaseled chicken fingers and fries out of me earlier in the week, we opted for sandwiches today. Subway was our initial choice, but we wound up a Firehouse Subs. Because it's next door to the movie theater AND they have grilled cheese. Caroline + grilled cheese = happy.

Marmaduke was cute; a lot less painful than most kid movies I've been subjected to over the years.

A trip to the pool was next on the agenda, but once we got home and I looked out my back window and saw this

and then looked out my front door and saw this

we opted to stay home.

Instead, I took some pictures of my grapefruit.

Because that's totally normal. Right?


Sissy said...

I'm glad Marmaduke was funny. It actually looks cute on the previews.

Alison said...

I was pleasantly surprised. However there were a few intense moments and at one point, as Marmaduke was falling, Caroline screamed out "Maramaduuuuuuke" in the theater. She was very invested and I had to assure her that all kid movies have a happy ending. And it did. She was relieved.

nancy said...

Love the blog background change!

Tell Caroline that I like her lunchly manipulation technique. She's good....

Alison said...

Her skills are quite admirable, I admit. She's practicing for when we see you.

"Hey grandma, want to go somewhere?"

"I'm bored, we should go to the store. Just to look around."

"Wait, it's lunch time....can we go out to eat, too?"

We're gearing up for Roly Poly in July. Beware.