Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pardon The Dust

I've been fussing with Blogger's new template designer today. Earlier, I feared my excessive tweaking broke my blog, but I think I've got it somewhat under control.
I may make a few more changes, so don't mind me and my indecisiveness. If you happened to have checked the blog earlier this evening, you may have been confused by the chaos and disarray. Sorry about that! But, then again, it's not like I have a huge readership; chances are you didn't even notice.

You know, I had to laugh earlier when I saw a tweet from one of the bloggers I follow. Her blog got 3,500 hits in one hour. ONE HOUR. I get like 35 hits a day. On a good day. Welcome to my little corner of the social outcast blog world! It's like high school all over again. Except I'm skinnier now and my hair is sufficiently less puffy.

In other news, I'm so excited that Top Chef starts tonight. AND it was filmed in Washington, DC. I had no idea until I saw a commercial last week, but it doesn't really matter anyway. It's not like we regularly partake in the dining scene in Washington, DC. In fact, the only food we've ever eaten in DC (besides a picnic lunch) has come from the food court at the Air and Space Museum.

Clearly, we're very cultured.

Wait, I take that back (not the part about being uncultured). When Caroline and I were waiting and hoping to find Craig in the crowded masses after he finished the Marine Corps Marathon, we ate a grilled cheese sandwich in a little cafe. Is it wrong to declare that grilled cheese is exceedingly classier than McDonald's at the National Air and Space Museum?

Tonight also marks the start of the second season of Man Vs. Food. Have you seen this show? For those who haven't, it's a show where a guy, named Adam Richman, partakes in various eating challenges throughout the country. Some contests are volume oriented (like 72 oz steak dinners or 15 dozen raw oysters) and some are more extreme (like atomic-nuclear-singe your nose hair hot wings). Man Vs. Food is equally horrifying and mesmerizing. A carnivore's delight and a cardiologist's nightmare. Seriously, he consumes so much meat. It really is repulsive. And awesome.

The big problem is that they're on at the same time. Oy, what a problem I have on my hands. Normally I wouldn't worry, since we have a DVR, BUT my cable/DVR had a minor freak out earlier and at this moment, all the extra features (digital cable, DVR) are out of commission.


Could my life get any worse?!



Bexy said...

Ha ha... I am constantly messing with stuff trying to figure out how things work on here. I am afraid in the moment I have a "test" post or mess with the html, someone is going to hop on the site and be like, "huh?"...

Alison said...

I'm SO not a computer person, so I stick with the basics, but the new Blogger templates make it sort of easy. My goal is to have everything neat and easy to read. But, that's probably just because my eyes are getting old!